TSAA Pres Rick Stonebraker came up with an idea several months ago that was surprisingly simple yet highly useful. He asked why it wouldn't be possible to LOWER the target height for our youngest JOAD classes. This could be accomplished by either making a smaller stand, or by adding additional bolt holes to stands that are adaptable. He pointed out that it would be very important to be consistent in the height of the bullseye, and has suggested that placing the bullseye at 100cm (instead of the typical 130cm) should suffice. Rick made a very good, sturdy stand from about $10 worth of 1x3 furring strips for this last weekend's State Target Championships, and our youngest archers used it with great success.

These pictures are of Rick's quick and easy target stand.   Drawings will be posted on this if the JOAD committee, meeting in Ohio during the JOAD Nationals in June, makes such recommendations.


(click for larger images)


Depending on your existing adult-size target stand, you may be able to add three bolt holes (in pink below) so that the buttress support arms can be lowered by switching the bolts.  The support arms currently in use MIGHT not be long enough.

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