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{NAME OF SCHOOL} Student Wins {GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE} In  Championship Archery Tournament


{TOWN OF TOURNAMENT (ie Augusta, GA.)}    {Name of student}, a {_Grade Number___} Grader in  {Name of Teacherís} Homeroom took the {     Gold/Silver/Bronze         } Medal in the _____________________________ Tournament held this past weekend in ___________________. 


{First Name} shot in the {Division} Recurve Division, which is for {girls/boys} aged {age range}   {Name} is now ranked {place} in the state in {his/her] class of archery.  __________ shot a score of ______ to best his/her opponents. 


In March, {__Name___} will proceed to the National Indoor Championship Tournament hosted by the National Archery Association (NAA).  The NAA is the governing body of the Olympic Sport of Archery in the United States. 


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