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In Memoriam:

Clarke Robert Zurn-Sinclair died on 8 September 2004.  He was born on 1 April 1989.  Clarke started shooting Olympic recurve archery 2 years ago.  Within that time frame, he became an elite archer in the United States.  He was Utah’s Indoor and Outdoor State Champion for the two years that he competed.  He was the Western Region Champion for 2004.  Clarke was ranked 4th in the United States and ranked 24th in the World.  In July of this year, he traveled to England to compete for the United States as a member of the Junior World Archery Team.  Clarke’s goal was to make the Olympic team in 2008.  When Clarke discovered archery, his whole world revolved around it.  He loved it, practiced, and achieved goals in a short time frame that other people would never manage in a lifetime.

 Clarke had a remarkable sense of humor.  Having a love of movies, he would memorize lines and voices and then re-enact them to the laughter of our family.  Many nights and days were spent watching Clarke do the voices to Ace Ventura Pet Detective or Bird Cage.  Robin Williams was one of his favorites to mimic because it was so funny. 

 A very quiet and reserved person until he was comfortable with someone, he had an amazing way of touching peoples hearts.  His friends extended from the archery community to the poultry community.  His friends were as far away as Rhode Island and Vermont, and as close as Utah and California.  When Clarke smiled, it was a million dollar smile. 

Clarke leaves behind a family who loves him.  His mom and dad, Lorretta and Bob, his brothers Dakota and Barrett.  His grandparents Dick and Ellen Zurn, his Aunt Cathy and Uncle Pete, his aunts and uncles Blair and Pam Zurn, Craig and Lisa Zurn and many cousins.  He also leaves behind family members that were a part of his heart, Chris and Paul Covellone, JT and Cindy Etzler, Herb, Luann and Lynn Mays, Pat Christensen, Mike Beany, Larry and Randi Smith, Mike Gerard and Ed Eliason.  Without the people who touched his heart, his life would not have been as wonderful and complete as it was. 

 A memorial service for Clarke’s family in California will be held on Thursday, 16 September at 10 am at Desert Memorial Cemetery in Ridgecrest. 

 In lieu of flowers, Bob and Lorretta have started the Clarke Sinclair Archery Scholarship Fund.  Donations can be sent to the Scholarship fund at PO Box 295, Mendon, UT 84325 or directly to USU Community Credit Union, ACCOUNT 828484, PO Box 446, Logan, UT 84323.

 The scholarship fund will be used to help fund members of future Jr. World Archery Teams who are unfunded by US Archery.  By helping other young archers, the family and those that loved him honor the life of Clarke.

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