NADA to help U.S. Air Force "Discover Archery"

Newberry, FL--The U.S. Air Force has selected NADA (National Alliance for the Development of Archery) to conduct youth archery camps and instructor training/certification programs at 35 Air Force bases nationwide. The week-long camps will be conducted beginning August 2003 and will run through July 2004. The national program, entitled "Discover Archery", will be conducted by advanced-certified course instructors selected and coordinated by NADA.

"NADA is an alliance of archery instructors which is active in training new archery instructors and promoting target archery to non-traditional audiences," said Doug Engh, NADA Pres/CEO. "We have been working with US Air Force recreational programming officials for over a year to develop this partnership, and are very excited that our efforts have been so successful. Archery instructors will being going onto active U.S. Air Force bases to teach archery to the youth of our service men and women. They will also be conducting USA Archery Level 1 Basic instructor training courses to enable these bases to create permanent archery programs for the youth and their families."

The "Discover Archery" program will consist of 5-day archery camps at each base-each camp will consist of one class for youth under 16 years of age, and one instructor training class for adults. Larger bases have the option of adding additional classes to accommodate as many archers as possible.

Youth archers will learn basic shooting techniques, range safety, play archery games, and learn how the sport can develop into a life skill. The adult classes will focus on instructor training and certifying them as USA Archery Level 1 Basic instructors. The adults will also learn how to set up permanent archery clubs on the bases.

NADA will provide logistical support and coordinate the selection of course instructors, and will ship loaner archery equipment and targets to each base to be used during the camps. Course instructors will be selected based on their experience and enthusiasm for teaching. "Archery instructors are truly the unsung heroes in the growth of this sport," said Engh, "and this program will help us reward the best of the best with high-profile well-paid teaching assignments. Throughout the year, we work with hundreds of dedicated course instructors across the country who teach USA Archery Level 1 Basic instructor classes, start archery clubs, run clinics and public events, and do whatever it takes to help promote the sport and create new archers. From this highly trained and motivated group, we will be making offers to teach these camps. We also invite all USA Archery advanced certified archery instructors (Level 2 and above) to apply for remaining positions.

"We'll use this program to recognize and reward their devoted work. Their professionalism will give the U.S. Air Force a top-level archery experience" he said.

Lloyd Brown, 2-time U.S. Olympic archery team coach and volunteer co-founder of NADA, will assist in instructor selection and program development. The U.S. Air Force Combat Support and Community Services Coordinator, Karen Rudolph, is equally excited, stating this gives bases the training to develop year-round archery programs and perhaps some Olympic hopefuls.

The concept for the camps is based in part on NADA's involvement with the highly successful National Archery in the School program first developed in Kentucky. NADA's role has been to coordinate instructor training and certification for school teachers and state Fish & Wildlife personnel enrolled in the programs. The U.S. Air Force "Discover Archery" program will use similar portable equipment and range set-up, as well as incorporating many of the proven teaching techniques.

"We're very grateful to several archery equipment manufacturers assisting us in developing the portable equipment boxes." said Engh. "Delta Targets has created a special portable foam target butt and stand system that's UPS-shippable, and Brennan Industries has loaned to us a number of Genesis bows. Easton has provided arrows, and SKB has worked with us to develop travel containers that convert into bowstands."

If you or your organization is interested in getting involved with the U.S. Air Force "Discover Archery" program locally or nationally, contact NADA at (352) 332-9984 or email NADA.

NADA is the official publisher of USA Archery Level 1 Basic and Level 2 Intermediate instructor certification course materials for the National Archery Association and the National Field Archery Association. Through its network of freelance course instructors, NADA coordinates the training of over 3,000 new archery instructors each year.

Here is the list of U.S. Air Force bases to host "Discover Archery" camps:

1. McGUIRE AFB  Wrightstown, NJ
2. DOVER AFB  Dover, DE
3. BOLLING AFB  Washington, D.C.
4. ANDREWS AFB  Camp Springs, MD
5. ROBINS AFB  Robins, GA
6. MOODY AFB  Valdosta, GA
8. TYNDALL AFB  Panama City, Fl
9. EGLIN AFB  Ft. Walton Beach, FL
10. MAXWELL AFB  Montgomery, AL
12. SCOTT AFB  Belleville, IL
13. ELLSWORTH AFB  Rapid City, SD
14. McCONNELL AFB  Wichita, KS
15. TINKER AFB  Oklahoma City, OK
16. SHEPPARD AFB  Wichita Fall, TX
17. DYESS AFB  Abilene, TX
18. GOODFELLOW AFB  San Angelo, TX
19. LACKLAND AFB  San Antonio, TX
20. BROOKS AFB  San Antonio, TX
21. RANDOLPH AFB  San Antonio TX
22. KEESLER AFB  Biloxi, MS
23. BARKSDALE AFB  Bossier City, LA
24. Mt. HOME AFB  Mt. Home, ID
25. FAIRCHILD AFB  Spokane, WA
26. McCHORD AFB  Tacoma WA
27. HILL AFB  Ogden, UT
28. BEALE AFB  Marysville, CA
29. LOS ANGELES AFB  Los Angeles, CA
31. NELLIS AFB  Las Vegas, NV
33. AIR FORCE ACADEMY Colorado Springs, CO
34. PETERSON AFB  Colorado Springs, CO
35. HOLLOMAN AFB  Alamogordo, NM

For more information, contact:

14260 W. Newberry Road, #334
Newberry, FL 32669
(352) 332-9984
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