Date: Saturday, Feb 14, 2009   
Time: 5:00 PM
Place: Anna Hiss Gym UT Campus
Note:  Attendees will constitute a quorum.  Proxy voting not allowed.

1.  Call to Order

2.  Presentation of the Minutes from last annual meeting (Approved as written)

  1. Executive decisions made since last meeting

*Awarding of State Indoor and State JOAD Indoor tournaments to UT Archery Club

4.  Reports
A. Treasurer’s Report – Gina Carmichael (Financial Report attached. )
- Unanimous vote to move checking funds in excess of $6000 into Hosford MM Acct.
- Advised for CD Roll-over each year: do not roll over into a CD unless the spread between  
the money market and the CD was greater than 2% apr
-  If during the year it is seen that CD rates climb back above MM rates, move
$2000 back into 5 yr CD.
B. JOAD Chairman Report – Ed Vargas  (No report. Ed asks to step down as JOAD Chair)
C. Hosford Report – Tom Barker  (No requests made this year. Current board members include: Rick Stonebraker, Tom Barker, Staten Holmes, Kathy Adams, Jack Milchanowski)
D. Webmaster Report – Ron Carmichael (Discussed possibility of opening up a message board to members to facilitate timely discussions amongst members.  Members would have to be registered and no anonymous postings would be permitted. Volunteer moderators might be Tom Barker, Mike Hojnacki, Ron Carmichael, Max Sera)

  1. Old Business


A.        2008 Texas Archers of the Year

Male Compound – John Scroggins      Female Compound – Lynette True
Male Recurve  - Staten Holmes          Female Recurve – Teresa Meyers

2008 Texas Youth Archers of the Year

Male Compound                                 Female Compound
Bowman – Luke Estlund                    Bowman – Jessica Tomlinson
Cub – Thomas Human                        Cub – 
Cadet – Clayton DeBord                    Cadet –
Junior – Joseph Human                       Junior –

                        Male Recurve                                      Female Recurve
Bowman – Hardy Trafford                 Bowman – Miriam Trafford
Cub –                                                  Cub –  Mackenzie Brown
Cadet –  Michael Xu                           Cadet – Rachael Trafford
Junior – Max Sera                               Junior – Kayla DeBord


(It was decided to only award plaques and no money this year as few of the winners last year used their Lancaster gift certificates.)


6.  New Business

  1. Tournaments for 2009
    1. JOAD Nationals July 2-5
    2. US Nationals Aug 3-8

1.  State Target – Bid by Mike Hojnacki in Bastrop
1st choice – July 17-19 (Corrected to July 18-19)
2.  State JOAD Target – Bid by Knowltons in Ganado
1st choice – June 13 (Corrected to June 13-14)
3.  State Field - Rick Stonebraker and John Blaschke for Eagle Lake
1st choice for dates Mother’s Day May 10th

            B. Possible inclusion of a new division  - “Challenger”  - Tom Barker
Per Tom’s e-mail prior to the meeting…(“…the establishment of a category for a challenger division for Texas State Archery.  In that proposal I would like to have the ability for challenged archers, not necessarily paralympians, to participate in our events.  I suggest the competitions initially indoors take place like we would do for the Yeoman class, at nine meters.  Outdoors, again like the Yeoman, at 20 and 15 meters (or what ever distance it takes for them to be successful.)  This will be a participation class with all receiving ribbons, medals or whatever the tournament director wants to award.  The challenger archers will always have the option of "shooting up" in the age appropriate divisions that currently exist.  One additional accommodation is in order:  I believe we will need to have an "agent" within arms reach to assist these archers with whatever obstacles they may be overcoming.  I think in the very least the agent should be a level one certified instructor.”)

            C. Regional Archery Center – Victoria – Tom Barker
Per Tom’s e-mail prior to the meeting: “The second proposal is that I am starting a project for a regional archery center in the Victoria area.  It is basically a center for teaching archery.  The list of potential customers includes:
       o Collegiate
       o Challenger Archers (these are not necessarily Paralympians
         but would include Special Olympic type participants.)
       o JOAD
       o 4h
       o hunter education
       o ASAP (After School Archery Program)
       o NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program)
       o Home School
       o Charter School
       o Summer Archery Camps
       o Regional High Performance Camps
       o Collegiate Archery Camps

TSAA may have a role in helping to facilitate the project.  I intend to apply to the Easton Sports Development Foundation for grant money.  At this point I do not anticipate asking TSAA for any funds.  The funds would primarily go for venue acquisition (most likely leased) and operating capital, i.e. paying the instructors until the venture became self supporting.”
(Discussion on Tom’s request for possible backing under the umbrella of TSAA’s 501(c)3 standing in his application to the Easton Sports Development Foundation grant money.  Unanimous vote in favor of this endeavor by Tom and of TSAA’s assistance should it become necessary.)

D. TSAA Constitution – Ed Vargus working on clarifying some vague areas (YAOTY,
grammatical corrections (discussion and approval to add the limitation of only one
family member at a time serving as a voting member of the board.)

E. Redefining/expanding TSAA Officer positions – (Discussion and approval  regarding need for more votes than the current 3 board members. Adding the past President as a voting member passed.  No other voting board members needed.  Any tied votes to be broken by JOAD Chairperson in an as needed situation.
add past president as voting member Approved
add Tournament Coordinator position Gina Carmichael noted that many state organizations utilize this position to help facilitate coordinated and strong tournaments
through the year. General agreement on the idea but no vote taken.
need for clear “job descriptions” with timeline for each In order to provide new members with clear understanding of expectations, current board members asked to compile a clear job description and timeline of their duties. 

  1. Nomination and election of TSAA Officers for 2009


            President:  Mike Hojnacki Accepted Unanimously
Vice President:  Don Young or Jennifer Holmes. Jennifer Homes unanimously
(Don declined and accepted JOAD nomination)
Sec/Tresurer:  Regina Carmichael Accepted Unanimously – Stated she is looking to let
someone else take it on next year.

            Non-elected Positions:
Webmaster – Ron Carmichael (Agreed to continue through this year.)
JOAD Chairperson- Ed Vargus (Ed declined and Don accepted appointment.)