Date: January 31, 2004

Time : Between the Afternoon and Evening lines at the State Indoor

Place: Sokol Gym, Fort Worth

Note: Attendees will constitute a quorum. Proxy voting not allowed.


* text in blue is discussion and action taken


I.  Call to Order


II. Reading of the Minutes.

   A. Minutes from Last Annual Meeting – Summarized by Gina Carmichael

   B. Reading of Executive decisions made since last meeting –

·         Tyvek Jackets-           Rick Stonebraker able to get us 82 jackets at $20 each.  Took orders and handled distribution.


·         Sound System  - Built by Tim Humphrey for $600 for use at TSAA Tournaments


·         Appreciation gift for Tom Parrish for all the contributions he’s made to TSAA over the years


·         Setting of State Indoor tournament and State JOAD Tournament dates and sites


·         Letter written to Hyo Jung Kim, a South Korean archer and youth coach who has been helping coach some of the JOAD archers in Texas.  She is applying for a visa to return to Texas.


III. Reports:

   A. Treasurer's Report - Gina Carmichael See attached (pg 3)

   B. Webmaster Report - Ron Carmichael  See attached (pg 4)

   C. JOAD Chairman Report - Tom Barker See attached (pg 7)

   D. Collegian Representative Report (Kathy and Kristine) – No news to report

   E. Hosford Report – See attached (pg 8)  Nominations taken for filling of board seat left vacant by  

       resignation of Tom Parrish.  People named are Jim Krueger and Kathy Adams.  Vote to be held

       via the internet at a later date to be announced.


IV. Old Business  - No old business to cover

V. New Business:


   A. Discuss, consider and approve acceptance of bids for the following tournaments:

1.                          1. TSAA State JOAD Indoor - Feb. 7, 2004 - Bay City Texas - Tiger Sharks and South

               Texas JOAD - Director - Ben Dybala  Approved with voice vote of members present

       2. TSAA State Field - May 1,2 - Eagle Lake, Texas - Rick Stonebreaker & John Blaschke -   

               Director - Rick Stonebreaker Approved with voice vote of members present

       3. TSAA State JOAD Outdoor -May 15, 16 - Victoria, Texas - South Texas JOAD - Director -

              Tom Barker Approved with voice vote of members present

       4. Note - TSAA State Outdoor is still open - Tentative date is May 8, 9


 B. Discuss, consider and approve when the next annual meeting will occur. At the state Indoor or       

    State Outdoor. Annual TSAA meeting to continue to be held during State Indoor tournament with 

    the option of holding a  secondary meeting at the State Outdoor to address any time sensitive issues.


C. Discuss, consider and approve changes to the TSAA Constitution.  Changes instituted in the new

     constitution include…



D. Discuss, consider and approve the following:

       Allow any current NAA members who reside in bordering states, (states which share a common

       border with the state of Texas which do not have a NAA recognized state organization)  immediate

       acceptance as TSAA members. These new members will have an effective date of TSAA

       membership of Friday, Jan 30, 2004.  Vote taken on this single article to expedite the ruling so as to

          be in effect for the 2004 State Indoor tournament.  Passage will include it into the body of the new 

          TSAA constitution.


   E. Accept Nomination of Officers for 2004.


                          President - Michael Hojnacki - Approved with voice vote of members present

                          Vice President - Jim Krueger - Approved with voice vote of members present

                          Secretary/Treasurer - Gina Carmichael - Approved with voice vote of members present

                          Webmaster - Ron Carmichael  - Approved with voice vote of members present


   f. Election of TSAA Officers for 2004 See above.


   G. Presentation of "Archer of the Year" Award. - Rick Stonebreaker - Records Committee Chairman

            Female Compound – Lindsey Kubecka

            Male Compound – Adam Guggisberg

            Female Recurve – Kristin Milchanowski

            Male Recurve – Staten Holmes


            Awards to be given out at Indoor Nationals in March


H.  Discussion about the use of PayPal, E-Script and small Google advertisements as fundraising

            opportunities for TSAA via the website. Approved with voice vote of members present


VI. Adjourn





2004 TSAA Annual Financial Report





NAA Dues Rebate



Profit State Indoor Tournament



Profit State JOAD Indoor Tournament



Profit State Field Tournament



Profit State Outdoor Tournament



Profit State JOAD Outdoor Tournament



Black & White Decals Profit












NAA Membership



Star FITA Fees Field



Star FITA Fees Outdoor


Indoor fees pd in previous yr to save money

Sanctioning Fee JOAD Outdoor



Outdoor Tournament Sound system





Appreciation awards for Parrish and Stonebraker



6 Tyvek jackets to Texans on USA Indoor team

Color Decals


66 decals remaining




Banking fee









Beginning Checking Balance



Ending Checking  Balance


Increase of $1115.04




Starting Bal.   Hosford Endowement



Ending Bal.    Hosford Endowement


Earned $72.60 in Money Market (rate .35% - .7%)





TSAA Webmaster Report 2004 by A.Ron Carmichael


I have moved the TSAA website to a new ISP in order to save money and insure better “up-time” – I was encountering times each week when the site was down.  It took me three attempts before I found a host that was honest in their dealings. We should be there for several years.


The TSAA website is now located on a Windows-based server that supports all of the features needed:




MORE Fund Raising:

·         The use of the Google family-approved content-targeted advertising inserts on the website has been active since Jan 6.  In that time we have made 65 cents per day, which includes a number of days when the site was in transition up/down.  Rates may go up slightly over time.  Whenever we reach $100 Google will mail the TSAA a check.  At the current rate, we should make around $240 in 2004.  If more members pursue more adverts then our rate goes up.

·         Escripts – I am investigating the establishment of the TSAA as an Escrip group.  Saddleback Archery in California has done this, and it appears to be a no-lose situation.  There is no cost to supporters, no cost to TSAA since they take a portion of the money that we wouldn’t be getting anyway. 



In essence, it works like this for any non-profit organization.

1) Apply for an account.

2) Our supporters register their discount cards (Vons, Albertsons, etc) AND personal Credit Cards with escrip, online.

3) Our supporters shop at participating merchants and use their registered credit cards and in some cases gets a discount.

4)  The merchants make a donation to escrip.  Escrip distributes the donations (less a very small handling charge) to the TSAA.


The webmaster at Saddleback reports to me:  “One of the other hats I wear is as a commissioner with the local Boy Scout Council.  One of the local cub scout packs is currently receiving $300 - $400 per month through Escrip.  Last Year this paid for a banquet at the Disneyland hotel with the years’ escrip funds (and still had money left over)”


For non-profit organizations it really is free money when you consider that our supporters do not pay any charges for the service.  In many cases they receive a discount for using their membership cards.  Even though you are paying a small service charge to receive the fund, they are funds you would not have had otherwise, so it is win-win.


·         Escrip stores include Office Max, Whole Foods, Eddie Bauer, Safeway, Coldwater Creek, Sun Harvest, Budget Rentacar, Carl’s Jr., Delta, Payless Shoes, Pep Boys, Sharper Image, Mary Kay (10%!), Skechers, Terminix, TruGreen ChemLawn.

·         Rewards Network partners with eScrip to offer a program that is totally discreet in nature. There are no other cards or coupons to present. No membership numbers to remember. Simply pay with the credit or debit card you've registered with eScrip and your contributions will be automatically forwarded to your organization when you dine at participating restaurants or stay at participating hotels, more than 17,000 hotels and restaurants.


·         PAYPAL

We can also set up an account with PayPal that enables web surfers to easily donate a small amount to us with no risk.   The webpage would read: “TSAA is a non-profit outfit – if you have found what you wanted here, help us keep it going by making a small donation, say, $10, by using PayPal.   PayPal would exact a 3% (approximately) fee.  Once again this is a no-lose for the TSAA since this is money we would not be getting anyway.

I would set up the hyperlink so that it leads them into a default $10, but provides the option to go higher/lower as they feel appropriate.  Convenience increases the chances of donating.


I would like the board to consider endorsing both Escrip and PayPal accounts, and allowing me to promote the escrip enrollment to all TSAA members.



The scope of the website: 

This is the top 30 of 53 countries to hit the website in the last week:






Network (bots)



US Commercial (bots)






United Kingdom



US Educational (.edu)












United States






US Government (.gov)



US Military (.mil)






Hong Kong









Non-Profit Organization (.org)



























New Zealand (Aotearoa)
































2004 TSAA JOAD Report by Tom Barker


The purpose of this memo is to outline the significant events and accomplishments of the JOAD effort in the state of Texas since the last TSAA meeting in 2003.


World Indoor Championships

Kevin Barker and Cassie Raffaelli represent the United States at the World Indoor Championships in Nimes, France in March 2003.  Kevin shot in the Junior Men’s Recurve division and finished 16th individually and 4th in team.  Cassie shot in the Junior Ladies Compound division and finished fourth individually and first in team.


Junior USAT Team

Texas placed three JOAD archers on the elite Junior United States Archery Team.  Tim Meyers made a return appearance to the team while Jake Misenheimer and Kevin Barker made it their first time on the team.  All three shoot recurves.


Paralympic World Championships Madrid

JOAD Junior archer Lindsey Carmichael represented the US at the 4th International Paralympic World Championships. As the sole US female archer at her first tournament abroad, shooting in very difficult wind conditions, she claimed 4th place after defeating adult archers with many years of international competition experience as well as one 3-time past world champion.  She has been designated an elite athlete by the USOC for 2004 and will represent the US at the Paralympics in Athens, 2004.  In addition she will participate in the US Olympic Trials in 2004.


JOAD Nationals

Texas had one of the largest contingents of archers at the 2003 JOAD nationals in Denver, Colorado with 31 youth archers.  Twenty-one of them placed in the top 10 in their respective divisions and 7 deserve special note for bringing home some sort of hardware by placing:

Chris Barr 1st Place Male Compound NAA archer

Coral McMinn 3rd Place Female Compound Bowman

Tyler Janota 3rd Place Male Recurve Bowman

Cassie Raffaelli 2nd Place Female Compound Cadet

Holly Heinsohn 3rd Place Female Compound Cadet

Travis Lafayette 3rd Place Male Compound Cadet

Meagan Lesak 3rd Place Female Compound Cub


State Indoor JOAD Bay City

The state JOAD indoor tournament was held in Bay City February 2nd with a record 69 archers attending.


State JOAD Target Brownsville

Thirty-six youth archers participated in the first JOAD tournament hosted by the Cameron county JOAD club. In addition to a great tournament, the organizers managed to get frontpage newspaper photos and several pages of coverage as well as evening news footage on the first day of the event. This TSAA State JOAD championship reached International status when three youngsters from Monterey, Mexico came to compete. They saw the event advertised on the web and decided to compete. Everyone enjoyed themselves.


Recurve Archery Coaches and Archer Seminar

Guy Krueger, in conjunction with the Victoria area 4H project and Coastal Bend JOAD clubs, put on a recurve archery seminar for coaches and archers in late December of 2003.  More than 20 archers, including several Texas JOAD coaches and youth archers attended the very informative sessions and have already seen significant improvement with the youth archers they work with.



Compound Archery Camp

The Coastal Bend JOAD clubs and Victoria 4H archery project sponsored a youth archery camp in Victoria in January of 2004.  Michael Braden was the lead instructor and 21 Texas JOAD or 4H archers participated.


TSAA Legacy Program

Several Texas JOAD archers benefited from the TSAA Legacy program which was kick started by Staten Holmes and Mike Hojnacki this year..  The Legacy effort is where senior archers who have outgrown or upgraded equipment loan, sell at a reduced cost or give equipment to JOAD archers.  This win-win situation allows the youth archers to obtain good equipment that they may not have access to and allows the senior archer to get some of that stuff out of the closet and make a difference with a young person.


2004 Outlook

This should be an exciting year for Texas JOAD archers.  Many are planning on going to the Junior World Trials in Salt Lake City in May and some have qualified for the Olympic trials in Ohio.  A record number of youth archers should also be traveling to the JOAD nationals in Atlanta this year as well.


Finally, the Benbrook JOAD club is leading an effort on archery in the schools project through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.



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