2003 TSAA ANNUAL MEETING                                                           Feb. 8, 2003


President - Rick Stonebraker

Welcome to the 21th Anniversary of the TSAA. The meeting should not last more than 60 minutes so let’s try not to get bogged down on any issues that can be rectified elsewhere. The main purpose of the meeting is to ratify proposals and elect officers for the upcoming year. Also, there are some items that are fragmented throughout the meeting so be patient, if you asked for speaking time, you will receive it.

TSAA PURPOSE (from the web site)


The mission of the TSAA is the ongoing promotion of archery in the Lone Star State, in association with the National Archery Association of the United States and in support of the NAA purpose.
Which Means:

*Organize tournaments
*Share information and resources
*Provide a means of coordination between the various archery groups in the state of Texas


2002 Accomplishments
New Business       
Old Business
Election of Officers



To say the least, 2002 was a greater success than the success in 2001 in many ways:

1.      Foremost the welcome increase in archery participation.

2.      To the parents for keeping their kids off the street and onto the shooting line.

3.      The organizers that put on these wonderful events to which we can all participate.

4.      And my ongoing sermon that archery is for all of us and we all need to pitch in, even if only for a few minutes.

A comparison to the previous attendance records set in 2001:




TSAA State Indoor



TSAA State Outdoor



TSAA State Field



NAA National Indoor



Lone Star FITA



Texas Shoot Out



Aggie Invitational



Longhorn Invitational






Note: Some events in 2001 were combined in 2002 so the 857 takes in account of that

Any projects?????

Tyvek Project in full swing.  Rick Stonebraker ordered special Tyvek jackets for emergency situations like wind, rain, etc. Lightweight and durable and can be stuffed in a pocket until needed. The jackets will have the TSAA logo on the pocket area. Cost is $20 each.

TSAA back patches in progress. The TSAA emblem will be made into large (12” x 8”) oval or rectangular patches so archers can sew them on jackets or anywhere to display.

- Financial Status

Attachment # 1

The newsletter expenses have been minimized by diverting to the web, easily off setting the annual newsletter mailing and web site fees. The Carmichaels changed bank accounts for us to one that does not charge for services. The $20,000 that was left to the TSAA on behalf of James and Mildred Hosford is currently sitting in a CD account until further notice. The message is that TSAA is in sound financial shape.

-         New Business

TSAA State Target Championship – The date was set for the 4th July weekend but there was some concern that it was too hot and too hectic. Therefore, there was some discussion about moving that event to the end of the summer or into September. If you look at the NAA calendar for the month of August, it is still busy but only for a few who might go to the Dominican Republic. It always seems as if a few of our elite archers miss the TSAA state championship and that is unfortunate. August 3-4 is right after nationals and the test event for the Olympics. Although they are not listed yet, there are several other state championships at this time of year so it might be a good time to attract shooters from other states once they find out that the tournament is separate from the BBQ and not a part of it.

August 10-11 is the Pan Am Games in the Dominican Republic

August 17-18 is open.

August 24-25 is the University Games in Korea

Aug 31 – Sept 1 is Labor Day weekend and the Ohio State C-ship

Sept 6-7 is the New Jersey State C-ship

Sept 13-14 is open Voted FOR 100%

Sept 20-21 is open

Sept 27-28 is open

Family fees for tournaments – this has come up in the past and we never addressed it until this year when some families have a sizable number and we do not want a family to have to pay too high of a fee to shoot archery. For discussion: start with a family paying two full fees and each additional member of the family shooting will pay an additional $10. And to add to this discussion, when is a family member no longer under the family plan when it pertains to college? Age? When they become a senior? Family plan to include kids 18 and under.  Voted  FOR 100%
- 20th anniversary commemoratives (pins and awards)

Organization - In the past, the tournament organizers were responsible for almost the entire tournament, including awards. If we overwork the organizers, they are eventually going to stop organizing and we have only ourselves to blame. The TSAA has taken great strides in helping the organizers as much as possible, primarily with the registration and database that our illustrious webmaster Ron Carmichael maintains. This alleviates part of the organizers workload and allows them to work on the tournament. The state awards have been handled by myself (Rick Stonebraker) to further take a load off the organizers and will be discussed next. 

State Awards – The awarding of laser-etched plaques at each of our State Championships was met with success and at a nominal cost, thanks to fellow Texan, Ben Dybala. They are not expensive nor are they elaborate but they tell a story. The main problem with ordering trophies is getting enough for each division but when someone registers late in a short division, then there are not enough at the tournament and more has to be ordered. Also, when we order awards and a person pulls out at the last second, we have a wasted award that cost money. Usually we deduct that from the entrant’s fee and send them back a portion of the fee if notified ahead of time. Many times they fail to pay at all. If they scratch at tournament time, then it is up to the discretion of the TD if they choose to return the fee or not.

Commemorative Awards – The awarding on a 20th anniversary TSAA pin to all competitors at a State event in 2001 was a success. These pins have been traded around the country and around the world. There were four youths who represented the TSAA and the USA at the Junior World Championship in Plaque. The TSAA gave each of them ten-pins to take along for trading. The President kicked in another ten-Texas Style pins each for trading, including a Czech phrase booklet and other valuable information that was acquired during past trips abroad.

Pin Project -  Not too many of the original 500 pins are left. Over 300 pins were handed out at the three State Championship events. Some were also sold at $2.00   The TSAA absorbed the loss as more of a diplomatic embrace rather than a moneymaking project. Future purchase of pins and subsequent sales will be a possibility. 

T-Shirts - The T-shirt project that was started and operated by the Carmichaels was a success and hopefully in the future, another order of shirts will be done to accommodate al the new people in the organization. To the Carmichaels – a job well done!





Discussion:  Possible split of indoor state tournaments. Voted against, did not want this to turn into another “mail-in” event. Current indoor status much acceptable.


More outdoor events. No discussion.


Discussion: Public Address Sound system – Ron Carmichael to present specifications to board.

Weather-proof sound system to be purchased after board approval.  Approximate cost $500.00 


- Relations with TFAA

No comment at this time

- Lot's of individual accomplishments

Many of these are highlighted in the annual newsletter but it is worth mentioning. 


NAA Indoor Champions - Tim Humphrey, L.C. Durham, Vic Wunderle, Carlton Clark, Mary Zorn,

USIAC –  Guy Krueger, Mary Zorn

NAA National Outdoor Champions – Kristine Ehrich, Lindsey Carmichael, Rick Stonebraker


FITA Masters World Championship – Rick Stonebraker (three world titles and 11 world records.)


Junior World Championship, Czech Republik  -  Sage Adams, Kevin Barker, Jake Misenheimer, Tim Myers


World Field Championship, Canberra, Australia - Kristine Ehrich, Kristin Milchanowski

European Grand Prix, Croatia - Chris Schull, Vic Wunderle, Kathy Loesch, Frank Thomas (coach)

European Grand Prix, Germany – Chris Shull, Vic Wunderle, Guy Krueger, Tom Parrish (coach)

European Grand Prix, Turkey – Kathy Loesch, Chris Shull, Vic Wunderle, Frank Thomas (coach)

World University Championship, Thailand – Eric Zahn, Amber Dawson, Mary Zorn (Gold), Vic Wunderle, Chris Shull, Guy Krueger, Lorinda Cohen, Dawn Chudy

Pan Am Championship – Lorinda Cohen, Chris Shull

3rd Internet World Indoor Archery Championship Barebow – Andrea Garner

2003 World Indoor C-ship -  Cassie Raffaelli, Kevin Barker, Mary Zorn, Dawn Chudy, Guy Krueger, Vic Wunderle.

Did I miss ANY national champions from Texas or anyone participating in an international event?
- Web site recognition 

Can't forget this one, as this is part of the core competency of the TSAA. Over the past year, we have received dozens of e-mails and personal comments while at various tournaments complimenting the website, the contents etc. Well-done Ron Carmichael!

TSAA & JOAD newsletters status and the website – RC speaks (absent)!

- 4-H

 4-H is a very good introduction to archery.  The TSAA is the perfect avenue for helping those youngsters that discover through 4H that archery is their thing to flourish and develop expertise.

District 11 4H Archery

The part of Texas roughly between Houston/Corpus Christi and over to the San Antonio/Austin area has one of the largest 4H archery projects in the United States.  Every fall, several of the small county clubs host invitational tournaments for the kids that participate in the project.  It all culminates in early December at the district championships.   2002 was a banner year.

We had over 300 kids sign up for the project and over 250 shot at least one of the eight tournaments through the fall.  Many kids shot multiple tournaments and in multiple disciplines.  All total there were almost 900 entries, of which almost 70% are under 12 years of age.  There were two young ladies with almost 30 entries between them.  Over 60 of the entries were what we call clover kids.  These youngsters are too young for 4H (less than 8) but we let them come and shoot for participation only.  In other words there is no competition, and they all get an award.

Another new and significant group this year is our barebow entries.  In 2002 there were an even 100 barebow entries.  After many of the kids finished shooting their regular round with a recurve or compound bow, they then take off the sight and shoot barebow to challenge themselves.

About 30 of these kids will shoot year-round in the TSAA and NAA events and another 30 or so will shoot 3D.   A fair number also use their archery skills to be accomplished bowhunters.

Several of the District 11 kids go on to compete at state, national, and now international events.  Several District 11 kids have gone on to outstanding collegiate careers and collegiate All-American status.

District 11 4H archery is a great place to learn archery and then have some fun with it too.

 More New Business

Hosford Foundation Committee Proposal  - It is proposed to set up a committee for the Hosford Foundation of TSAA members to manage the  Hosford account to honor Jim and Mildred Hosford's wishes for the $20,000 which he left to TSAA.  His wishes on how he wanted the money used are for the growth of archery in Texas and the development of the youth movement.

The purpose of the committee is to set up a foundation, separate from the TSAA working fund for
longer-term projects.  These may include, but are not limited to, grants, scholarships, stipends, or
capital expenditures. Members of this committee should represent the interests of all of the TSAA members, i.e. youth, collegiate, senior, master, and disabled.

It is proposed that the committee be made up of not more than six members and not less than four
members.  There shall be one permanent committee position and that shall be the person who holds the TSAA presidency. The committee shall vote on a committee chairman to conduct business as required.

Other than the TSAA president who may rotate off every year, the members will serve until they
resign or otherwise vacate the membership.  If any member intends to leave the committee, he or
she should give the other members 3 months notice so that nominations for a replacement and
selection of a replacement are done without disruption of the committee's business.  A call for nominations for replacement will be done via the TSAA website and voted on by the TSAA members on the website. The new member will serve as member designate until their selection can be ratified at the next TSAA annual meeting.  Involuntary removal of a committee member shall require a majority vote from the remaining committee members with the TSAA president deciding all ties.

A quorum of a simple majority of the members currently serving must be in place for decisions
concerning disbursement of any funds from this account.  These decisions do not have to be made
at a meeting, but may in fact be made over the phone or via email.   A member must recuse him or
herself from any votes in which they may be a beneficiary of the funds, e.g. a stipend or
scholarship.  In the event of tie vote on a fund disbursement, the TSAA president member will cast
the deciding vote. The committee shall have complete authority on how best to use these funds for the benefit of TSAA members.  The committee must submit at the annual TSAA meeting a report outlining the committee's activities and Hosford account balance.

The balance of the Hosford account cannot go below $10,000 without total liquidation of the entire
account as recommended by the Hosford committee and then voted on by the TSAA members at
the annual meetings.

Tom Barker,  Staten Holmes,  Jack Milchanowski,  Tom Parrish,  Rick Stonebraker (A personal friend of Mr. Hosford and original recipient of the Hosford funds), Incoming TSAA President

Submitted by:  Tom Barker  Rick Stonebraker  Proposal passed 100% with amendment added to determine method of filling of an open board seat.

TSAA State Indoor Collegiate Division Discussion - Kathy Eissinger proposed an addition of the collegiate division for the State Indoors event.  The archer must be a full time college student.  Archers would have the option of registering in either the collegiate or senior division.   It was hoped by many present that this would stimulate more interest in other Texas colleges getting involved with competitive archery. The State Outdoor tournament was discussed also but most collegiate archers do not participate in the summer tournaments and it was not added to the proposal.  Fees would remain the same as senior archers.  Passed 100% - to take effect 2004.




Worth noting for future information that was passed at last years meeting:


1) If TSAA is only listing the event on the Texas Archery Website, i.e. TFAA, 4H, and LSBA events, there is no fee to TSAA.  TSAA would do this as a public service and in the best interest of Texas Archery. For example: The TSAA does the website for the NAA Indoor Nationals as a service with only the growth of archery as compensation.


2) If TSAA is sanctioning the tournament and doing online registrations, i.e. all the accounting and bookkeeping. TSAA should receive 10% of the profits.  The  JOAD state indoor and JOAD state outdoor fall under this area.


3) If the tournament is one of the BIG Three for TSAA, i.e. State Indoor, State Outdoor and State Field, TSAA should receive 20% of the profit. Not counting use of the trailer and targets. The state field event has always been a break-even tournament. But in the case of the last couple of years, the TD’s involved turned all profits over to the TSAA as no one group was actually sponsoring the field event. The field event is a gathering of many interested archers and put on as a group.


FEES Established for TSAA State Championship events:

Indoor - $25 adults $15 youth

Field  - $25 adults   $15 youth

Target - $30 adults  $20 youth






I have been doing a yearly wrap-up and sending to all the NAA members in Texas to let them know what is going on and hopefully either pull them back into archery or just keep them paying their NAA dues. In the introduction of the yearly newsletter warp-up, I asked that if anyone wants a hard copy, we will send them one but nobody has ever asked so should we continue? I don’t mind doing a yearly wrap-up and sending them out. It is running less than $300 to do so. I found a local print shop that makes copies, folds-n-tabs, and mails them out using their bulk mailing license so that is a big savings. We usually sent out around 300. There was no yearly wrap-up of 2002 as none were requested the last two years. All the events are on the web but a wrap-up is nice…just never got around to it this time.


Election of Officers
President –  Jim Krueger Voted in with 100%

Vice President –  Mike Hojnacki   Voted in with 100%

Secretary/Treasure –  Gina Carmichael Voted in with 100%


Non-Officer Position

Webmaster –  Ron Carmichael  Voted in with 100%


Tom Barker presented outgoing President Rick Stonebraker with a gift of appreciation from the board for the work he has done on behalf of TSAA.  It was a framed photo with an inscription on the meaning and value of leadership.  




The Essence of Leadership(Eagle)

"A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the quality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.  In the end, leaders are much like eagles...they don't flock, you find them one at a time."





Inscription at the bottom says:


“Presented with appreciation to Rick Stonebraker in recognition of 20+ years of dedication to Texas Archery”






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