February 10, 2002

TSAA Annual Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 4:30 PM by President Rick Stonebraker. 

Old Business

   Review of  2001 year

·         Very welcome increase in archery participation
·         Larry Townes - Paralympian  demonstrations at Indoor Nationals
·         Review of over 20 individual Texas archers’ championship achievements at National, International and World events.
·         Expansion of Texas Archery web-site and its services per Ron Carmichael
·         Cooperation between 4-H and TFAA with the TSAA, building better archery state-wide
·         Finances  - End of year balance $2201.59 with $3000 in 3 month CD; total = $5201.59.

New Business


·         Tournament finances and TSAA
1.       TSAA only lists tournament on web-site.  Example: National Indoors.  Promotion done as a service to archery growth.  No fees to TSAA. (Passed)
2.       TSAA sanctions the event but does not help with registration, judging, venue or equipment.  TSAA to receive 5% of profits. (Voted out; no fees to go to TSAA.)
3.       TSAA sanctions events and does on-line registrations and bookkeeping.  Example: 2002 JOAD Indoors in Bay City.  TSAA to get 10% of profits. (Passed)
4.       If tournament is one of the Big Three for TSAA.  Example: State Indoor, State Outdoor, State Field.  TSAA to receive 20% of the profits.  (Passed)

·    Late Fees - To be or not to be?
Members and tournament directors voted to keep late fees intact.  Late registrations make more work for everyone and need to be discouraged.
·    Tournament fees - Increase State Championship fees to $30.  Fees have not increased lately and cost of target faces and bales has gone up. (Passed)
·    Newsletter - Still want hard copy mailed out?  Average cost is $300.  (Passed)

Mildred & James Hosford Memorial Foundation:  
The Hosfords were long-time supporters of archery in Texas and stayed in touch in their later years via Rick Stonebraker.  Jim passed away some time ago and was followed last year by Mildred. Through their generosity, the TSAA is the fortunate recipient of a $20,000 endowment.  The donation will be invested in secure short-term investments as in CD’s.  After a few years of growth the foundation’s interest will be a source of funding for Archery growth in Texas.  

Election of officers for 2002

President             -            Rick Stonebraker             12 votes
                                       Mike Hojnacki                   3 votes

Vice President -             Staten Holmes            13 votes
                                    James Loesch              2 votes

Secretary/Treasurer -           Gina Carmichael            unopposed

Meeting adjourned at 5:15


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