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Dateline Dubai – 13/14 October 2006 .

During last weekend we did the Dubai Archers Archery Instructor Course, this is the second year in a row that we have held this event. The course was intended for archers willing to teach archery and in the past season we did receive applicants from Hotel facilities and sports clubs. The course was prepared by Simon Linton and Rao Berenjian at the facilities for Dubai Archers at the Dubai Country Club.

The side picture shows the group attending this year.

The course material and the good practice of it took a complete weekend training the keen archers into the habit of teaching archery to novices at introductory level and based on the National Archery Association of USA level 1 coursework book.

With this batch this year we move the number of Instructors available in the Middle East to 24 taking the course at Dubai Archers. We have to add that this year has been an exceptional batch since we had more than 6 different nationalities.

The course included more than 8 hours of tuition at class and other eight hours of practice at the range. Congratulations to all for passing the benchmark, we hope to see you very soon for your level 2 upgrade.

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