Rob Distefano

Whip End Serving

This demonstration shows how to serve a bowstring center serving, however the procedure is the same for serving endless bowstring loops and for serving closed those loops. In the images, the black cord represents the bowstring, the white cord is the serving thread and the yellow string is the whipping thread.

First, begin by wrapping (and locking in) the beginning of the serving.

After you've finished the length of serving you want,
take the whipping thread loop and begin wrapping the serving over it.

After 4 to 8 wraps over the whipping thread,
pass the end of the serving through the whipping thread loop.

Pull the whipping thread loop tight....

...and right under those last wraps you just made over the whipping thread,
and pull that tag end tight.

Now snip off the protruding tag end of the serving. DONE!
Wasn't that easy?!

© 1999 - R.F. DiStefano