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Aaron Cross, Bronze medalist in Athens 2004 Paralympics, has provided a very good estimation of expenses related to the task of making the Olympic Village in Beijing your temporary home in 2008.

Aaron has long been a motivational speaker.   To read more about him and his mission, please check out his website. 

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Cost for individual athlete for equipment

Bow with all needed equipment (all prices are average costs and each athlete caries two (2) of everything; so double theses costs):
- Bow $700.00
- Sight $375.00
- Aperture $30.00
- Stabilizers $275.00
- Arrow rest $80.00
- Release / finger tab $75.00
- Quiver $50.00
- Bow case $300.00
- Arrows $300.00 a dozen, three-dozen each year.
Open Compound class in Beijing, China (each archer will have the above costs also plus bellow:)
- Scope $150.00 each

Training - cost is based from training at Gene's Custom Strings, Spooner, Wis. Gene's facility has housing and indoor shooting up to 90 meters indoors and outdoors. Prices do not include food.

Per person:
Day pass $40.00
Shooting / housing $80.00 per day
Month shooting / housing $1,800.00
Year residence $18,300.00

Coaching - Most athletes have a personal coach that they use. Coaching costs very, but are very similar in cost to the "Travel / tournament national level below." Athletes need to pay for their coach's time and all their expenses with the exception of entry fees.

Coaching costs
Lessons (by hour, 3hour minimum , $100. per hour
twice each month. $600.00(monthly)

Travel for coaches (coaches don't always got to the shoots - U.S. International teams go with Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Leader and Team Nurse; but it is optional for an athlete to bring their personal coach to be in the stands. In country cost is below, add another thousand to cost if coach goes over seas.

Travel / tournament national level (average cost)
Hotel $70 per night 5 nights $350.00
Airfare $375.00
Transportation (van rental with lift / $100per day * 5 days) $500.00
Food $20 a day * 5 days $100.00
Entry fee $100.00

Cost for one (1) shoot $1,425.00
Normal shooting season eight (8)shoots: $11,400.00

Team travel international: Traveling Internationally, a fee includes all expenses, i.e. airfare, transportation, food, entry fee and hotel. The National Governing Body (NGB) also pays for the team's clothing. With the exception of the shooters that are not Paralympic bound; meaning the "men's and women's Open Compound Team" **

A international team cost roughly $2,500.00 per shooter, a full U.S. Team, 32 shooters and three staff - Head coach, Assistant coach, Team leader and Team nurse -
Total cost for one international shoot:

Average cost for one shooter to train at the "Elite" level for one year with a two(2) month total stay at training facility $22,200.00
plus equipment (varies) $4,320.00

Grand total each year $26,520.00

**Men and women's Open Compound Team
In 2008, Beijing China, there is an Open Compound division; when athlete makes team finances are covered by NGB.

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