Does your archery program need seed capital to get things going? TSAA can help.

The Texas State Archery Association (TSAA) is pleased to offer its member organizations the opportunity to submit grant application proposals for consideration. Grant proposals are due to the TSAA secretary by December 31. Announcement of successful applications will be done at the TSAA state indoor tournament. By submitting a grant application to the TSAA, the leader of the organization (Grantee) that will propose and sponsor the program must attest that the proposal has credibility and that the organization will comply with all expectations of the TSAA.

These expectations include: ELIGIBILITY: The club applying must be a chartered club through the National Archery Association (NAA) and members must be Texas residents. DURATION OF GRANT: A grant/loan proposal must be represented as a single project that has a beginning and ending point. A proposed activity must be initiated and concluded within the same year the award is given. Repayment of the grant/loan is expected within 4 years from the date of the grant with no interest payments. A default on the grant/loan will require forfeiture of all equipment purchased with the grant/loan. PROPOSAL: Grant proposals must be submitted to the TSAA as instructed and outlined on the Hosford Grant Proposal Application Form. If any questions should arise in the preparation of the proposal, contact Tom Barker, Hosford Committee Chairman at (361) or email tbarker at PRIORITIES: The Hosford Committee will act on each proposal that meets the requirements for submission based on its relative cost/benefit significance to the needs of TSAA members. First preference of the Hosford Committee will be given to programs that promote youth participation. Of special interest to the Committee are projects such as: Youth archery programs Collegiate archery programs Educational materials Coaches and officials training Equipment purchases (e.g., sport equipment) Studies (e.g., training effects, sports safety), that are not otherwise fundable by other resources

The TSAA Hosford committee will give greatest attention to programs that are partly funded by the applicant or outside sponsors. Matching fund proposals will be given top priority for Hosford grants.

For more information on the guidelines please check this link.