JOAD Committee Chairman

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I started in archery when my son, Kevin, was 8 years old.  That was eight years ago.  A year later my daughter, Chelsea, said, I can do that.  We started shooting with the Goliad County 4H archery project.  A mentor invited us to expand our shooting opportunities and invited us to a TSAA shoot.  We were hooked.  I decided to try my hand at shooting an Olympic recurve and my kids tell me I am a much better coach after taking up the recurve.  It is harder than it looks. I also shoot a compound.

My passion has been kids archery.  Archery is a great metaphor for life skills and an opportunity for a family to do something together.  For that reason I have tried to learn as much as I can through books, videos, training schools and asking questions of people who can do it better than I can.  My purpose is to help kids not only be good archers, but good people.  That is why five nights a week you can find me somewhere in the Victoria area helping some child learn to shoot his or her bow better and using the opportunity to teach these young people something about themselves.

 My family and I are archers first and Kevin and I are bowhunters second.  We just like to fling arrows.

 I am an NFAA certified coach and a NAA Level II instructor.  In addition to Chelsea and Kevin, I have mentored over 75 students.  I continue to work on my own form flaws

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