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Personal Page (This includes authored documents including TUNING FOR TENS)

***NOTE by the webmaster: This weekend, February 28-Mar 1, 2015, Rick participated in the USA Archery's National Indoor Championship held in College Station at Texas A&M. He not only broke the existing record for Men's Barebow Master, he advanced it by EIGHT points, to an all-time high of 538 (of a possible 600 points) on a 40cm target at 18 meters distance.. Barebow is a recurve bow with no sight, no clicker, and no stabilizers! Once again Rick has shown excellence in archery, much as he has done throughout his archery career!

Biographical Information on this former TSAA President:
Born in Germany
Raised in Pennsylvania
Confined in Texas

Started archery as a hunter in Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania State Champion

Moved to Texas in 1981
Texas State Champion
President Texas State Archery Association

Costa Rica Cup Championship

NAA National Field Champion
NAA National Clout Champion
NAA National Flight Champion
United States National Team
FITA World Field Championship
FITA World Indoor Championship
Intercollegiate National Indoor Champion
Intercollegiate National Outdoor Champion
Intercollegiate All-American
NFAA National Field Champion
NAA Masters Indoor Champion
NAA Masters Field Champion

2002 World Masters Games:

World Masters Game indoor - gold
World Masters Game outdoor - silver
World Masters Games IFAA field - gold
Worlds Masters Games FITA field - gold
FITA master world indoor - gold
FITA master world outdoor - gold
FITA master world field - gold

National Archery Association Board-of-Governors

Level four national instructor

National Judge
Olympic Judge
Volunteer Paralympics

Send Mail: ricks@texasarchery.org