Michael Hojnacki
Vice-President 2003-2004


BIO:  I was born in California, but I was raised in Austin, Texas.

As a kid, I always had hay bales in the back yard and I was always shooting a bow. I bought my first bow from an archery catalog, a Wing 25# recurve bow.

When I made it to college, I thought that I needed a sport to keep me interested in school. Little did I know that my sport of choice would consume all of my school time and life.
I started shooting Olympic Style Archery in 1985 with a Hoyt TD 2, 38# wood limbs.

In 1987, I placed 7th at the United States Intercollegiate Archery Championships in Tucson, AZ, making the Collegiate All American Team. It has been a glorious uphill ride ever since.

I was invited that year to participate in the first ever Resident Athlete Program in Colorado Springs, Co. This was a defining moment in my archery career. We got to travel all over the US to compete in tournaments in preparation of the Olympic Trials in 1988, and to Europe and compete in two tournaments, one in France, with a 2nd place finish; and Turkey at the 2nd Golden Arrow Tournament where I placed 12th(I think) in an OR match. We also traveled to Canada and shot in the 1988 Canadian Nationals, where I won the FITA, Field and Aggregate round in the guest division. Only two other people competing at that Nationals were ahead of me in all divisions, Chad Connor (Intermediate Guest) and Claude Rousseau (Canadian).

Two-time Texas State Outdoor Champion.
Placed 3rd at the 1995 Indoor Nationals.
Still hold the Texas State Outdoor single FITA record score with a 1293.
Four time Olympic Festival Team Member.
2nd in the 1996 California State Outdoor Championships.
Many seconds and thirds in both the State Field and Indoor Championships.

I currently work for a German Press manufacturer, KBA and I am on the road a great deal for work. I travel with my bow and train as much as possible.

I currently and shooting a Win&Win Winact 23 inch Riser, 70 inch 40# Focus limbs, Shibuya Sight, Doinker Rods, and Beiter Button. I shoot CT McKinney 215 Carbon Arrows, 31 inches, 94 grain points and Curly K Vanes for outdoors.

I am really excited to be a part of a great group of individuals on the Texas Board, to make a difference with Archery in Texas. Let's grow this sport!

Michael Hojnacki