Texan Archers are serious about the virtues of BEST, the method of shooting defined by Kisik Lee, the national head coach of USA Archery.  EVERY archer needs to adopt this method.  We Texan certified HP coaches, are here to assist you!

If you are in Texas and want to receive training in the BEST method then contact one of the excellent Texas High Performance coaches certified by Coach Lee.

In accordance with the USA Archery High Performance Plan, a system of Regional High Performance Coaches has been established. Regional HP Coaches have undergone training with National Head Coach, Kisik Lee, and will have the responsibility of teaching and coaching according to the BEST method techniques. These coaches will have specific duties and will work under the umbrella of the National High Performance Team.

Lubbock: Chelsea Barker Texas bow_chickQ@hotmail.com 806-368-7754

Victoria: Tom Barker Texas tbarker@ccwip.net 361-578-0974

Austin: Ron Carmichael Texas texarc@gmail.com 512-267-9451

College Station: Bill Coady Texas billc@tamu.edu 978-845-2156

College Station: Lorinda Cohen Texas lbcohen04@yahoo.com 979-218-0629

San Antonio: Staten Holmes Texas staten@gigem.net 210-509-7761

Blessing: Jim Krueger Texas jkrueger@wcnet.net 979-241-5139

DFW: Robert Romero Texas robertrom@sbcglobal.net 972-529-2123

College Station: Frank Thomas* Texas fthomas@tamu.edu 979-845-7430

Humble:  Ed Vargas Texas sureshotarchery@ev1.net 281-728-6680

Nutrition: no athlete can neglect nutritional considerations and achieve personal excellence.  A version of this powerpoint was presented to the seminar in College Station on Octobr 278th, 2006 by Ron Carmichael. 

Power Lifting and BEST Archery both rely on proper posture.

Photos of Josh Anderson.  Josh spent the better part of a year at ARCO learning the BEST method. 
(Note from webmaster:  Josh demonstrates excellent BEST form)

BEST compliance checklist  (excel spreadsheet)

Bob Romero has devised several training aids that are useful in understanding and improving BEST aspects:

easily made variation on the formmaster

proper alignment allows much greater holding power

Assembly is very simple using components found at REI

Arrow harness - allows archer to insure that arrow crosses the target path when scapula are in proper position.


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