The first two months of 2011 were purged before I got a copy of them.  Nonetheless, 10 months of data seem pretty impressive for a non-profit shoestring state association run entirely on volunteer power.   See the bar chart on the right near the top for 2011.

Over 4 million hits from 157,000+ unique visitors - not "robot" hits.... add 600K hits (the monthly average x 2, for the two missing months) and we got more than 5 million hits throughout 2011...  The huge spike in October is due to the hundreds of photos I posted from the US Olympic Trials Stage One. I gave them to USAA but none were of sufficient quality or interest, apparently, but that's ok since they are available for all to view.  Many are shot sequences, many others taken as the arrow is leaving the bow which makes for great avatar photos for the archer depicted.<hint>.  You can see those photos by going to the Photos Index page on the left side of the major pages of the website, and tracking down to the link to the albums.  Remember, download anything you want, just do not use them for commercial purposes.

Also, the first half of the first month of the year 2012 is available - on track with 152,920 hits from 5,000 unique visitors.  woo hoo!

Here's a list of all the countries that have visited the website IN THE HALF OF THE MONTH OF JANUARY, 2012, AS OF 1/14 (left hand side of this page:


You bet your booty, when you see Djibouti, you know we are known around the world for target archery information!