TSAA Awesome Field Shirt Orders

TSAA Field Archery Championship Ultra-Shirt Design

This order form handles shirt orders for one person at a time. If you want both a collared Polo shirt AND a V-Neck shirt (all other things the same), you can say so in the comment field as long as all other things make sense to us. We'll send you a confirmation email to make sure we get it all straight for you - just hit reply to that email and help us get it the way you want.

Let us know whether you are a left hand archer - we will set the shirt to match.
Did you notice that there is a page translation field on the previous page of information? We can ship these anywhere in the world that FedEx gets to. Be sure to include your "ship to" address.

The cost of shipping is around $7 including packaging, US Postal Service, and is included in the PayPal Link.

After you submit an order, if you want to order for another archer, you can use the backspace key to return to this form, Refresh the form (Ctrl-R) and change as needed and then resubmit.