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TSAA announces the second annual "Texas Outdoor Target Series" or "TOTS"

CHAMPIONSHIP UPDATE: In an effort to grant more weight to the TOTS series championship event, each archer's score from the final will be doubled before it is added to the total of their three highest TOTS scores of the regular season. By adding more weight to the series' final event, this will offer an opportunity for those archers who haven't quite shown their season potential yet a chance to showcase their improved skill set, and it will give the archers who lead their division incentive to still shoot their best at the TOTS championship event. It should be a fun event for all.

Archers who have shot in three or more regular season TOTS events are eligible to shoot for the TOTS championship. Their top three scores will be carried into the finals. Archers can check their scores and standings *here* to see where they rank. Those that haven't shot three or more season TOTS events are still welcome to come shoot on a space available basis against Texas' best for bragging rights and to give notice for next years TOTS season.


Use this REGISTRATION FORM for the TOTS event of your choice! (and for the LABOR DAY WEEKEND CLOUT Event as well)

Results have been posted - click here to view results...

NOTE: The only remaining event you can register for is the final, championship event in Floresville.

SPECIAL: We have been running into a small difficulty. Each TOTS event has been wayyy popular - shooting lines "full" in advance, well ahead of the tournament date. The tournament directors have to actually turn folks away! Now, the TOTS are event where you let us know you want to shoot, and you pay at the door. The TD does the target assignments and planning for all the complicated aspects - distances, bow types, gender, divisions, etc. and counts on there being the right number of each archer on each target for scoring and timely shooting - to insure a good time for all participants. Imagine how it works out, though, when there are no-shows - archers that just don't show up with no warning? It causes a mess for the TD and for the archers. If you are signed up for an event, please do NOT be rude. Don't be a no-show. It's just good manners. And it doesn't cause problems for your fellow archers.

In an effort to offer more outdoor target archery events during the summer, TSAA has created an outdoor target archery series that will feature a new 108-arrow round in an "outdoor league" atmosphere, and a final TOTS championship event will be held in early fall, TBD..

The goal is to provide a single-day event, easy for families to get to, inexpensive to participate in, and challenging enough to stimulate the competitiveness in youth archers. This also serves to get youth archers used to the competitive environment so when they get to the bigger tournaments they already know what to expect and can perform better, faster.

This outdoor target archery series features a new, youth-friendly 108-arrow round in an "outdoor league" atmosphere that culminates with a chance for participants to shoot for two titles in a final championship event in the fall.
 Archers wishing to participate in the Texas Outdoor Target Series will have several opportunities statewide to shoot at qualifying events. A minimum of three qualifying scores will be required to compete for the TOTS championship title. The final championship event for the TOTS series will be decided on in a final TOTS championship in the fall. 
The "Texas 1080" round is designed to offer archers and event organizers an efficient, easy to set up and easy to shoot tournament that can be completed in one day, while still allowing time for travel across our great state. The round reduces a full "FITA" by 36 arrows, but still preserves the multiple distances and target sizes many archers enjoy. It also features the target size and distance every archer will shoot for their elimination rounds during OR (Olympic Round) events.
Texas 1080 distance and target sizes will be gender and discipline - neutral, and are as follows:
Adults and Juniors: 70/50/30 meters;
Cadets & 'Adult/Junior Barebow': 60/50/30 meters;
Cubs & 'Cadet Barebow': 50/30/20 meters
Bowman:& 'Cub Barebow': 30/25/20 meters;
'Bowman Barebow' : 20/15/10 meters (and are encouraged to shoot up if not challenged by these distances)

and in the non-competitive division;
Yeoman: 20/15/10 meters - no awards, but recognition is given.

***Target sizes will be 122/80/60 cm. The larger target at the longest distance, next smaller target at middle distance, etc.
Multiple target faces per bale will be available for compound archers (5-ring 80 cm faces) and for all archers at their closest distance to allow for six-arrow ends in the interest of time.

March 22: Hosted by T.H.E. JOAD in Columbus - We have the green light to again use the fairgrounds on the west side of Columbus to host the first TOTS event for 2014 on March 22nd. We will begin official practice at 10:00 a.m.    Registration will be $20 per archer, unless one is shooting in the Yeoman division, then it will be $10.  Contact John Magera if you have any questions, for location, etc.

April 12 - San Antonio/Floresville - TOTS in Floresville will be on April 12 with practice starting at 10 AM. Registration will be capped at 40 archers with a registration deadline of April 9. Email Angela Spangler to register or for questions.

May 10 - Straight Arrow Archery - Victoria, Texas - May 10.  Practice will start at 9.  We will eat as we go to try and be done as soon as possible.  A limited number of Chic Fil A sandwiches will be available on the field. Map Location

Practice starts 9:00 am, at the Buffalo Field Archery Club, at 13751 Clay Road, Houston TX 77043
Can pay online, see details at link. for additional information or questions, info@pearlandarchery.com

June 21stL Brazos 4-H Club(College Station Area) - Practice will start at 9am and scoring will start at 10am.  There are food places close by, but there will be some offerings at the field.  Shooting will take place behind Sam Rayburn Middle School in the field between the track and the soccer field.  http://goo.gl/TBNdPn  Email Kevin Albers to register or ask questions..  Limit will be 40 archers.

June 28 - T.H.E. JOAD - Columbus - as of 6/18/2014, this event is full!

July 26 - Gardendale (between Midland and Odessa (Mickey Estep) - The limit for the shoot is the first 30 archers.  The location will be 16941 North Hollyhock, Gardendale, Texas  79758.  Check-in at 8:30 am and start shooting by 9:30 am. Will have drinks and snacks for sale at the field, but it would probably be a good idea to pack a lunch. It will be put on by West Texas JOAD.

AUGUST 3 (A SUNDAY) was shifted from Sat to Sun due to conflict with an event at A&M - this is a TOTS benefit fund raiser for World Field Team Members.

HOUSTON IS NOW FULL, REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. The Houston TOTS (was rain delayed) has been re-set for September 13! Hosted by the Buffalo Field Archery Club, 13751 Clay Road, Houston 77043 - - - the Map , Practice to start at 9am, on SEPTEMBER 13th. This will be the last TOTS event before the Championship TOTS (C-TOTS) event on September 20th in Floresville. Email Lynda LeCompte at info@pearlandarchery.com if you have questions about the Houston event.

September 20 - Angela and Andrew Spangler will host the Championship TOTS (C-TOTS) on September 20th in Floresville. More information to follow!

McAllen Area/Austin Area/Dallas Area - sponsors needed, for August event!

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HOSTING A TOTS EVENT, contact John Magera to coordinate and for more information.

Use this REGISTRATION FORM for the TOTS event of your choice! Note that the registration form does not require money - all TOTS and Clout events are "pay at the door". BUT! registering helps us plan the right number of targets, stands, enough room on the field, etc., so please don't register unless you want to shoot. If you end up not being able to shoot, please email the webmaster to let us know - there is no penalty or fee, it is just the right thing to do.

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“Texas 1080” Round Distances and Target Sizes By Category

  Senior & Junior: Recurve & Compound All Masters & Cadet: Recurve & Compound
Adult & Junior: Barebow
Cubs: Recurve & Compound
All Masters & Cadet: Barebow
Bowmen: Recurve & Compound
Cub: Barebow
Yeoman: Recurve & Compound
Bowman: Barebow






70 Meters






60 Meters


122 cm




50 Meters

80 cm: either 10-ring or 6-ring face

80 cm: either 10-ring or 6-ring face

122 cm



30 Meters

60 cm: either 10-ring or 5-ring vertical 3-spot

60 cm: either10-ring or 5-ring vertical 3-spot

80 cm: either 10-ring or 6-ring face

122 cm


25 Meters




80 cm: 10-ring or
6-ring face


20 Meters



60 cm: either 10-ring or
5-ring verical. 3-spot

60 cm: either 10-ring or
5-ring verical. 3-spot

122 cm

15 Meters





80 cm 10-ring

10 Meters





60 cm 10-ring

If you wish to print this out, use this link to an acrobat version