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Writeup By Rick Stonebraker
Lake Side Fun Shoot
Be sure and mark this on your calendar next year. This was a fun shoot hosted by the Brazos County JOAD Club as a last chance before the TSAA State JOAD tournament. The sight was alongside the lake at Nails Creek State Park and it could not have been more scenic. The drive to the site was worth it and the temperature was much cooler along the lake than the blistering high 90's of the week.

Almost all of the help and participants camped Friday evening for a fellowship type setting. David Anderson borrowed an air-boat for the weekend. Five of us piled in late in the evening and we zipped around a portion of the lake gliding over acres and acres of Lily pads. The sun was shining, the boat created a breeze, and we enjoyed just sitting there enjoying the ever changing vista as David expertly skimmed the surface.

Many of the fire pits were blazing as hot dogs, hamburgers and various food filled many hungry bellies. Dark came all too quick and while many tried to sleep, the younger generation had far too much energy for sleep and roamed around the grounds in search of adventure.

It was quite warm trying to sleep as the breeze from the lake was minimal. Somewhere during the night, it cooled off drastically and I had to crawl inside the sleeping bag. Early in the morning, the moon rose dramatically over the lake and the rest of the morning was lit by the lunar lamp.

The tournament itself was a half-FITA, shooting only 18 arrows per distance but was very productive as several youngsters were getting last minute sight settings.

Once the event concluded, everyone pitched in and the field was completely stripped of anything that resembled an archery tournament. Dave promised that once everything was put away, air-boat rides were available. I walked over to take a few photos of the boat and the owner asked if I wanted a ride and I said I had one the evening before and it was other peoples turn. He said no one was in line yet and I asked if I could pilot the boat. He gave me rudimentary instructions and off we went. The boat ride the evening before was a first for me and piloting this craft was a real treat. I took long sweeping curves and was careful not to slow down too quickly as the wakes would catch up to the boat, causing rocking. It was a short ride but it was a blast. The boat was powered with a 455 CI engine which churned out a lot of HP.

And as usual when driving home from an event, I get out my Roads-Of-Texas to see if there were any roads along the way that I hadn't been on before. I like the side roads and it was a wonderful Fri/Sat.

Mark this event on your calendar for next year.

But, you may not have to wait a full year as a clout round is tentative at this sight in September. Keep looking on the TSAA calendar for more details/

Judge Rick :)


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