The field tournament is held on uneven grounds with an emphasis on up and down angles of shooting, with varying size targets and distances.


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By use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (aka DRONE) we overflew the course and took a few photos in the areas with less trees. Maximum elevation for the drone during this tournament was slightly higher than 4,000 feet above ground. Click on the video to see the drone lifting off...

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AudibleCannonStarting  To start shooting a cannon is fired (not only can everyone all over the course hear it, car alarms in cars parked hundreds of yards from the cannon go off. OpeningCeremony  Miriam and Hardy Trafford perform the national anthem to open the tournament each day. StartingGUN  600 frames per second slows down the cannon's thunder. SuddenImpact1  Arrow arriving, target chips fly.
SuddenImpact2 SuddenImpact3Magera