AZ Cup 2006

There was no banner this year for the AZ Cup - held annually in the north of Phoenix at the Ben Avery Shooting facility.  But that was the only thing missing - this event had outstanding organization, a high-quality venue, lots of good archer/friends, the desert, AND, as a bonus, the fierce winds present on the practice day disappeared for the most part during the competitions. 

There are four parts to the photos.  Parts 1 & 2 are just typical stuff, with a variety of archers in various shot sequences.   The third part is a set of photos shot from a blind in front of the shooting line.  The photos surprise by showing a depth and angle not normally seen.  Usually when a photographer is shooting in this direction, he zooms right in and crops out the background.  But I found the broader field of depth to be fascinating and so have left them largely intact.  And the fourth part is the last day's shooting.  enjoy.

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