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 Below are upcoming seminars offered by Coach Holly Avendano.

March 7-8th, 2015  — Saturday, Level I.   Sunday, Level II.
Texas Archery Academy, Plano
600 Accent Drive, Suite B
Plano, TX 75075

June 6-7, 2015  — Saturday, Level I.   Sunday, Level II. 
Texas Archery Academy, Plano
600 Accent Drive, Suite B
Plano, TX 75075

You must attend the Level I or be previously Level I Certified to attend the Level II seminars.  (This means that you can attend Level I and II during the same weekend.)

The seminars will last 8AM-6PM with an hour for lunch and several breaks throughout.  The exam will be administered starting at 5PM each day followed by a period of Q&A/discussion; 6pm is an approximate end time.  

Each course session is $125/day.  Class materials are included in this price.  USAA/NFAA membership and background check are NOT included in this price. 

These seminars will be at the Texas Archery Academy's indoor facilities.

Please respond to me directly ( if you'll be in attendance.  Deadline for registration is one week before each seminar.  You must register ahead of time to attend these seminars.

The background check and membership forms to USA Archery are available online as well as in class.  (A membership and background check are REQUIRED for L2 and have separate fees -- please bring your checkbook as 3rd parties do the background checks.)  If you are already a member of USA Archery or NFAA, please have your member # handy during class.

Additionally, once your paperwork has gone through at USA Archery, you MUST do the SafeSport Initiative trainings online (free) for USA Archery.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Please respond with the dates of the seminars and which level of certification you will attend (L1, L2, or both).

Holly Avendano
Texas Archery Academy




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