TSAA Target Championship 2017

Saturday June 24 & Sunday June 25, 2017

Y of Palestine Alex Patel Soccer Complex

Entry Fee: $70

2017 Texas State Archery Association's Outdoor State Championship and JOAD State Outdoor Championship, combined. This is a Star FITA tournament, USA Archery rules and distances.

Prizes: There will be prizes. Prizes in addition to the trophies. Some of these prizes will be green, fold, and have pictures of dead presidents (or the modern plastic version). We are working out the details, and will email participants the details before April with the exacts on this.

Two 72 arrow rounds at a single distance, Saturday and Sunday, June 24th and 25th. The Championship will be decided based on the combined scores for the 144 arrows. Elimination rounds will be shot Saturday afternoon, backets based on the first 72 arrows. The Elimination rounds are not part of the championship, just bragging rights, prizes, fun. (Possibly the elimination rounds will be shot under the lights, if we can get the lights installed by then.) Open practice Friday June 23th after setup (3pm?). 

The Angry German award will be given to the archer who shoots the most 9's (neins).

USA Archery's Dress code , (Please read as it will be sent on completion of registration) will be in effect.

IMPORTANT NOTE. Families still receive discounts after two fully paid registrations. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange the discounts.

Register here.