Day one of archery comp is done….yay.

Well, I wrote a LOT for this post the first time around, and posted it, but didn’t double check it.  somehow the post vanished. ,grrrrr,  oops, wait, I found a backup draft:

Day one of the archery competition is done. Lindsey shot good but not her best, and was able to outscore the Chinese archer (Wang) that she shot with in Athens.

The two set a world record in Athens, tieing at 603 for the ranking round.  That record stood until the day before yesterday, when a new record of (I think) 623 was set. Anyway, Lindsey led the entire match, and demonstrated poise and control, even as the 95% Chinese crowd cheered her opponents every shot.  She had to shoot while they were all raising a ruckus over Wang’s shots, but as the match wore on the loudness factor dropped just a little as Lindsey evolved a large lead.   Lindsey shoots tomorrow PM.

US archers Kevin Stone, TJ Pemberton, and Eric Bennett also advanced.  Kevin also shot good but not his best, and led throughout.   TJ had a slightly closer match but still managed to shoot a solid, controlled victory.   Eric had finished his match, and was leaving, when a line call caused a change in the score and he had to shoot not one, but ulitimately TWO one-arrow shootoffs.  He won his match on the second arrow with a 9 to his opponents’ 8.  Good archery!

Chuck Lear and Russell Wolfe both met archers that were shooting the highest scores of the day, and so they had a difficult time of it, but managed to shoot well enough that neither was a complete blowout. The heavy rains last night led to a complete surprise today.  The forecast was for 60% chance of rain, but the morning skys were clear and…….BLUE. Go figure -  we had cloudless skies and lots of BLUE SKIES.   It was wonderful   I notice a huricane is headed towards the coast of Texas and Austin.   Sure hope the lake doesn’t flood! :)

Addendum from Thursday:

I am happy to report that they shut down all factories south of the city, and the result is clear blue skies.  WOW, what a difference it makes.  We can actually see mountains in the distance!  And we got a little sunburned!

As mentioned before, Lindsey shot well for her first round and won.  She shot well against the number 4 or 5 seed (she is around 13th) for her second match, starting with a mis-release and a complete M for her first arrow, came back strong, and finished ahead of her opponent from Switzerland.  Wow.  did I say that yet?   Wow.  Matchplay archery HAS to be one of the most exciting competitions going.

She shoots tomorrow at 3pm against a Korean, which will be likely tougher than the others she has faced.  Her form is great, executions are strong, and she had maybe one letdown for the entire match.

Incidentally, each archer is allowed 30 seconds for each arrow, shooting a total of 12 arrows per match.  They alternate shooting, and the 30 second countdown clock starts as soon as the previous arrow hits the target.  So a match lasts no more than around 10 minutes – one trains and works for 4 years or more, and in the space of 10 measly minutes, advances one step closer to the medal round or else packs the bow and joins the crowds of onlookers.   What that must be like mentally, only those that have gone through it can really know.

We got in some tennis matches today, watching Nick Tayler and David Wagner team up to beat the team from Nederland (Netherlands).  It was on a nearly full center court stadium, and they won handily, although it was definitely a match, no runaway.  So Nick moves on in both singles AND doubles.

Lindsey, TJ Pemberton, Joe Bailey have all won their matches for Team USA, and Jeff Fabry was so highly seeded that he has had TWO byes, but will be shooting tomorrow in the hopes of repeating his gold medal performance from Athens.  Unfortunately for Team USA, TJ and Joe meet in their match tomorrow, and the good news is that an American will advance tomorrow, but it’s a tough way to do it.

Be sure to check Lindsey’s blog for more on her thoughts.   Quarterfinals tomorrow, woo hoo.

I have been too busy to update photos from the last day, but I will get to them asap.  And this place is still just as irritating – we got to the venue very early, in order to get good seats so I could take photos.  Once again, they blocked off all of the seats directly in front of the archers for “VIPS” – this time, a bunch of elementry school children bussed in from Beijing schools.  <sigh>