Just a photo

ok, here is a photo.


hopefully more to come….

I’m trying to find a workaround to the establishment’s blockade of
Dreamweaver, Frontpage, WS FTP Pro, etc.. all the normal transport
softwares I use to post photo albums to the web, to update pages, all
the stuff I take for granted back in the Yew Ess of Hey…Heckfahr, I
cain’t even access http://www.texasarchery.org – how weird is that?
They don’t want chinese to know about archery? head scratching

I have created a youtube account for some short videos and I am trying
to not violate the rules with them,


will get you to THAT. Please view, leave comments, and befriend me so
that when they come for me you can say you knew me when….
(or not)

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