Narita to Tokyo in one easy step

We arrived in Narita, our bags all showed up promptly.   As with Beijing, Narita Airport supplies adequate numbers of luggage carts for FREE.   They are designed with rubber bumpers around the wheels, so that when you go on the escalator with them, the bumpers keep the wheels off the steps, and veeola, you take your luggage easily from the place where you leave the bags overnight (for 8 bucks per huge bag<G>).

So we checked the luggage and hopped on a highspeed express train to Shinjuku station in Tokyo, and easily found our hotel, thanks to the great folks on the Thorn Tree Forums at Lonely Planet.  If you have to travel *anywhere*, this is a great way to prepare.

So with a little more than a full day and two nights, we set about Tokyo using the subways and taxis, and of course, walking about.   Saw temple shrines, the view from the highest building (where I had a white russian with the largest ice cube I had ever seen in a glass), shopped left and right in outdoor malls, department stores, akihabara electronics shops.CIMG0005 CIMG0009 CIMG0032 CIMG0048 CIMG0092 CIMG0101 CIMG0111 CIMG0114 CIMG0117 CIMG0121 CIMG0135 CIMG0143 CIMG0172 CIMG0205 CIMG0209 CIMG0215 CIMG0252 CIMG0255 CIMG0283 CIMG0308 CIMG0310

It is kinda funny – I went to the Akihabara district, world famous for electronic gear of any and all sorts, expecting to be able to get great deals.  huh, go figger.   I had trouble even finding the memory chip currently in my Casio EX-F1 pro – a 16 gb, class 6, SDHC chip.   And when I did find it, the price was in the range of more than 120 bucks. (12000 yen)  Since I paid around $30 for it at Frye’s in Austin, I was really disappointed.  Likewise other things from laptops to Ipods to Iphones were MORE than they are in Awestin.  Then it dawned on me that Tokyo has the rep as the most expensive place in the world, and now I believe.

Cokes were as high as 8 dollars.   I sit now in the Admirals Lounge at Narita, our flight boards in 15 minutes, and in 15 hours we will be in DFW.  15 is a good number right now.   Arigato!  Sheh Sheh!  Muchas Gracias.

Excuse me now while I click the heels on my tennis shoes and repeat three times:  “There is no place like home.”

Photos to follow

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