Photos For Lindsey

I have put a rush job through of photos of Lindsey, making an album with no annotations, and almost no video clips.  There just ain’t enough waking hours for me right now, and I have gotten a number of comments, well, ok, COMPLAINTS,, from folks back in the Yew Ess Hay about my shortcomings in this area.archer

So I am posting a limited resolution version that will let you see her in her regaliac splendoriforous self starting before comps and finishing up well, after competitions.

Enjoy.  Once I get all of the photos that Lindsey has been shooting on her cameras, pull them all together, I will re-do this entire website of hers.


Note that I am starting the upload now, so if you try this link and it doesn’t work, give it 30 minutes and try again.   LOTS of files have to be uploaded.   enjoy!

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