Another Reason We Are Here

Once an athlete is through his or her competition schedule, the mission changes focus.   Instead of focusing solely on doing everything “right” and winning their competitions and ultimately gold, they then begin to broaden their awareness of what is around them.

Things they had only noticed in passing, like the game room in the village with the foosball, air hockey, pool tables, etc…, CIMG0145now become places where they can meet athletes completely outside of their normal sphere.

Trade pins, socialize, and even trade the shirts off their backs become typical activities.   In a way they become hungry for more experiences to take home with them.

The second medal for Team USA archers of both the Olympics and Paralympics was obtained by Jeff Fabry yesterday, after some really excellent shooting in the semifinal match.  It’s hard to beat a bunch of nonstop 10’s, but when the bronze medal match came Jeff did what he had to do, and kept his composure throughout it all.   I have photos on the computer to process but just didn’t have the energy last night.

We went to the Wheelchair Rugy where USA beat archrivals Canada handily.  This sport has to be seen to be believed.  The collisions (on purpose) between dudes strapped into armored wheelchairs is incredble!

After US victory, we went out to a #1 restaurant for a celebratory feast including Peking duck (of course), followed by deserts at the Hard Rock cafe.  CIMG0148 P9140028 P9140045 P9140048The athletes with us longed for a drink but are still on the no-alcohol ban directive from the team leader, so they just had sprites and watched us well, drink the drinks.  Kevin Stone added yet one more Hard Rock pin to his huge collection – he’s been in most every HRC ever built, I suspect.  Good times.

It rained on us as we taxi’d back to the hotels, but this morning the skies are blue and clear, so off to shopping at Ya Show, dining at Hou Hai lake, and then on to the swim cubeCIMG0229 CIMG0230 CIMG0289 CIMG0299 CIMG0305 CIMG0306 for some finals and craziness screaming our heads off again for U…..S…..A…..

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