Lindsey’s first match was a nail biter, as usual, and she tied her
opponent at the end of 12 arrows, and then in the one-arrow shootoff,
her opponent shot a 7. Lindsey had to let down with 5 seconds to go,
but managed to get the arrow off with less than two seconds left,
scoring a…….6. SO she then went immediately to the bronze match,
where she shot very well, defeating a multiple-medallist from Poland
and took the bronze. Her loss in that shootoff made her much more
determined, I am sure, and she shot every point with great form and
The Korean from Lindsey’s first match fired a 103 to win Gold.

Yay, Lindsey!

She promptly told me she was going to Disneyland. :)

Even now, 5 hours or more after her match, I feel the adrenaline
effect. It is incredibly stressful for the coach/parent/fan to have
to go through that. I think she did it on purpose! But we are so
proud of her and her successful battle over TP and everything else
that she has overcome to stand on that podium with the medal in her
phew. More after I recover.

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