Lindsey to the semis

Lindsey to the semis

Lindsey gave her dad a coronary, as well as the rest of the crowd today.  She was shooting in the quarterfinals and had a comfortable lead after two ends, then threw a 4.   On the last arrow for both archers, she shot last, needing an 8 to tie the match.  She calmly stands the line, bright sun in a cloudless sky beating down on her shoulders, she watches the clock tick down before her.  At 10 seconds she raises her bow, draws a perfectly nice BEST method shot, and nails a nine to win.  I pretty much lose it for a few seconds.  You can see the last shot on her youtube account.

The rest of the day – hmm – what DID happen?  One US archer (TJ Pemberton of Oklahoma) had to take out another American (Joe Bailey) by a point or two, in a very closely contested match.  Luck of the draw is sometimes no luck at all.

Jeff Fabry had his first match, won handily, and set a record in what was a virgin category (it did not exist at the 2004 Athens game).

Tennis phenom Nick Taylor was defeated in an uncharacteristically quick and easy match, but still has his doubles track to medal in.  The media attention he always attracts is impressive, as is his ability with a tennis racket.

The fragrances that waft over the tennis venue in the evening reminds me of the airport area of Austin – Raw sewage carries for quite a ways…And I think most Chinese men think they are really “gifted”, as they stand a foot or more away from the porcelain when relieving their inner tensions.   The song, “Cry me a river”, comes to mind every time I literally wade into the mens room.  🙂

The iron hand of the hosts has relaxed slightly, once Lindsey came onto the stands and claimed me as a family member.  I’m now able to move around with the wheelchair athletes in their viewing space to take photos for all of the matches, so well, I take photos.  You can view tem at the aforementioned links, of course.   Videos will be available if I ever get enough time….:)  maybe after I get back to the US?   Lots of good photos, though, I am having a ball with the Casio.

More tomorrow, as Lindsey shoots in 12 hours for a medal berth.  It is going to be tough, she will have to put her act together a little more than it has been to date.  I am confident she will do it.

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