BEST Seminar, College Station, TX  10-28-2006

Relaxed physique Contracted, scapular invoked, physique

In Kisik Lee's book, TOTAL ARCHERY, there are single images of an archer in the contracted position.  The archer exhibiting the BEST form looks positively deformed to the point that the observer assumes the archer has, through shooting 100s of thousands of arrows, hyper-developed on the string side. 

To contrast this incorrect perception, I post two images of Josh Anderson (above).  Note the extraordinary contraction in his right trapezius and rhomboids in the right thumbnail and contrast it with the left photo.   One would (incorrectly) surmise that BEST archers over-develop their string side musculature.   But if you look at his back in the relaxed state, you can readily see how normal his musculature actually is.  What IS unusual is his control over these muscle groups!  Every BEST archer works toward this.

more Josh Anderson example animations:  1  2  3  4  5

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