TSAA Indoor State Championship

report by TSAA President Rick Stonebraker

Dear Texas Toxophilites,

This years TSAA indoor was a huge success and a wonderful turn out as the Aggies of Texas A&M were marvelous hosts. Kathy Eissinger and Frank Thomas served as Tournament Directors and as usual, did a "marvelous" job. The TSAA appreciates and thanks them very much! The results are posted on the TSAA Website  at two locations -  FITA   and  JOAD.  Photos of the archers, including the Archers of the Year, are posted HERE

On Saturday evening, the TSAA held their annual meeting to discuss past, present, and future items. We recognized many individuals and all those accomplishments are on the Texasarchery.org website under the Annual Newsletter, this year it is labeled the Millennium newsletter so no need to go over them here, the list is too long.

The board officers for the TSAA in 2001 are as follows:

But of current news is that the Texas is represented at the upcoming World Indoor Championship in Castellanza, Italy with wonderful and elegant archers Mary Zorn and Kathie Loesch (both of whom won their divisions this weekend - see below). We certainly wish them well in their upcoming endeavors. Kathy Eissinger and Tom Parrish will accompany the archers to the world championships.

The TSAA indoor had a total of 123 archers this year which I believe is a record. Of that number we had 42 shoot the JOAD line, excellent!

Many personal records were set as well as several state records:

Male Master Olympic: Aviator Ed Debee set all three records with a 287, 564, and a 1115. I told Ed I wasn't going to shoot the master division yet, even though I am now eligible, and it was a good choice on my part as Ed put up better scores that I did. Good shooting Ed - I'll stay out of your way!

Male Master Compound: Ellis Gibson, a reliably cheerful person, broke all three of his own records with a 294, 583, and 1161.

Female Olympic: Delightful Kathie Loesch broke all the records she broke last year with superb shooting. Her 295 was 1 point higher than last year, her 586 was 6 points better and the 1164 was 10 points better.  I am proud to acknowledge that her records are higher than the mens records. Her 295 equals my state record, her 586 is one point higher than my record and her 1164 is six points higher! Wow! Excellent!

Female Compound: Tall and charming Mary Zorn did not merely break the TSAA indoor records, she annihilated them. Her scores of 288, 290, 295, and 294 well all higher than the previous record of 284. The 60 arrow total of 589 is ONE point off the world record and her 1167 is 46 points higher than the previous TSAA mark. Another excellent score by our top females. They will represent us well at the Indoor World Championship.

Female FITA Competitive Olympic division: Adorable Sage Adams established new records of 249, 478, and 930.

Female Intermediate Olympic division: Effervescent Lindsey Carmichael broke two records with a 270 and a total of 1036.

Female Cadet Olympic: Pixyish Lyndsey Marzec broke all of her records set last year with 254, 496, and 971. Good shooting.

The summary of all state indoor records is found on the State Record Page.

For the JOADs:

None of the JOAD records were broken but new records were established and one tie with a prior record resulted.:

Female Intermediate Compound: Amanda Raffaelli established new records with 232 and 451.

Cadet Female Olympic: Lyndsey Marzec tied the record with a score of 251.

The summary of all state indoor JOAD records is found at the State JOAD Record Page.

Last but certainly not least is the Archers-of-the-Year. This award goes to the top ranked archer in the following divisions:

I am happy to say this is my ninth such award!

To say this was a successful tournament is an under statement and can't wait until the rest of the season starts.

Stay tuned for more excitement in Texas. Don't forget that Larry Townes will be shooting at our indoor national/regional in March 2-4 at A&M.    Not only does Larry shoot from a wheelchair but he only has use of one arm so he shoots using his teeth. Plan to attend to watch him shoot and also talk about his "abilities".

It's not too late to register, by the way.  For a National Indoor (regional) registration form, click here.

Rick Stonebraker, TSAA President

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