June 28, 2015 Bryan, Texas

Weather held out for the weekend and 40 archers braved the wet field to shoot some good scores and have some fun for all.
We hosted a 72 arrow qualifier with the second day of shooting dedicated to a double elimination round for all archers to get real life head to head shooting with the new set system. Anyone who was alone in their class automatically won their division, so to allow the most experience possible we would lump those together with the same distances to shoot amongst each other, male and female, barebow to recurve to compound. - Michael Hojnacki, Tournament Director

Class Bow Gender Name 72 Arrow Score Final Placement
Bowman Barebow M Moravec, Samuel 282 1st
Bowman Barebow F Meiners, Jordan-Marie 560 1st
Bowman Recurve F Clamon, Kemper 636 1st
Cadet Compound F Judah, Abbey 471 1st
Cadet Compound F Lee-Wen, Eliana 371 2nd
Cadet Compound M Kim, Josh 472 1st
Cadet Compound M Frerich, Tristan 598 3rd
Cadet Compound M Ozyp, John 610 2nd
Cadet Recurve F Peck, Emmy 508 1st
Cadet Recurve M Niehaus, Mikah 618 1st
Cadet Recurve M Gernert, Mathew 321 2nd
Cub Compound F Young, Kaitlyn 636 1st
Cub Barebow F Frerich, Megan 491 1st
Cub Recurve F Cohen, Lara 514 1st
Cub Recurve F Lechner, Ramsey 421 2nd
Cub Recurve M Mantle, Andrew 589 1st
Cub Recurve M OIzyp, Jay 556 2nd
Cub Recurve M Lauer, Logan 69 3rd
Junior Barebow F Kiser, Cody 394 1st
Junior Compound F Kiser, Jessica 630 1st
Master70+ Compound F Zbornak, Diana 542 1st
Master 50+ Compound M Zbornak, Gary 298 1st
Master 60+ Compound M Cope, Cam 630 1st
Master60+ Barebow M Stonebraker, Rick 601 1st
Master60+ Barebow M Frizzell, Mike 494  
Senior Compound M Lara, Adrian 661  
Senior Compound M Kiser, Chad 648 1st
Senior Compound M Singleton, Josh 635 3rd
Senior Compound M Grant, Michael 635  
Senior Compound M Geehan, Mike 586 2nd
Senior Compound M Arnold, Bailey 570  
Senior Recurve M Jones, Bobby 598 2nd
Senior Recurve M Meyer, Alex 575  
Senior Recurve M Sims, Brett 511 1st
Senior Recurve M Webb, Stacy 493  
Senior Recurve M Niehaus, Geoff 427  
Senior Recurve F Nielsen, Shana 123 1st