19th Annual Texas State Archery Association Field Championship and Mosquito Festival Buffalo Field Archery Club - Cullen Park, Houston, Texas    MAY 5-6, 2001

Summary by Rick Stonebraker, TSAA President

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Gray threatening skies, moderate humidity and a slight drizzle was the weather for the weekend but the main topic was the mosquitoes. Had it not been for Buffalo member Johnny Ingram, it would have been worse. Johnny made two passes with a fogger each day to minimize the blood drain of the ever-resilient archers. A minimum of a dozen cans of OFF and CUTTER were used to ward off the airborne vampires. Each archer should get a much-deserved blood donor's pin for his or her involuntary contributions.

Note: There are 12 sub-species and 74 species of Mosquitoes in Texas. Many of them made an unwelcome visit to the archery tournament over the weekend.

Special thanks go to Buffalo Field Archers for allowing the TSAA to hold their annual field championship. Buffalo has now hosted this event six times: 1985, 1986, 1989, 1990, 1991, and 2001. Member Gary Raffaelli worked tirelessly to help set the field and break it down afterwards. Archer-in-semi-retirement Scott Williams served as assistant tournament director and used his entire weekend to help make the field championship a success.

Gary had a B-B-Q at his place in Clear Lake after the event with delicious chicken, sausage and other picnic amenities. A prize was given for the largest fillet-of-mosquito. All who attended swapped stories of how they survived the relentless and merciless Kamikazee skeeter attacks. 

The highlight of the tournament was the exceptional shooting of Guy Krueger and Adam Guggisberg. Taking a break from school, Guy shot his first field tournament and thoroughly enjoyed it. Guy rewrote the field records by breaking the previous record of 167 three times. First with a 171, then a 175 and finally a 176. A perfect score is 180. His first day total of 346 was a new record by 13 points. The Silver and Bronze medallists also eclipsed the old record. Out of the seven archers in the adult male recurve division, six were former state champions. On the second day, Guy upped the new record with an exceptional 351 out of 360. Well done! 

Adam Guggisberg competed as a guest and shot a brilliant 711 out of 720. The TSAA state championship had 5 guests shooting who were new to this type of field round and enjoyed it, despite the mosquitoes. 

Click here for a table of all results.        New records are indicated with asterisks.

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