Saturday July 19th, 2014
Hosted by Brazos 4H Archery Club

"The Brazos 4-H Club hosted a very successful clout event July 19th. This was the largest number of clout shooters in the state of Texas. 28 competitors. Awesome!  Many first time clout shooters trying to poke a hole in the clouds. Quite a few said they would return or join a local club and continue shooting archery on a competitive level. That is what clout can do, draw in new blood and get them hooked on archery.

Despite several inches of rain the previous week, the field drained well and the weather was absolutely beautiful for July. Someone mentioned the temperature was around 77F.

A note to several archers. Josh Kim shot his compound in his division at 125 Meters In the morning and in the second round, he stepped up to the plate and shot 165M with arrows just a tad too heavy to reach the distance but I like that kind of competitiveness.

Ryland Hartman also stepped up the plate and shot 165M instead of 125M. Way to go Ryland.

The biggest kudos goes to Katherine Gracie Jing. As a cub, she was only required to shoot at 110M but she was shooting so far past 110M in practice, I asked her if she wanted to go long so she decided to shoot 165M with the big boys. She was the only female to tackle 165M and she did a fine job. Way to go Gracie!"

We hope there will be another opportunity to shoot another clout before the season concludes.  The Brazos 4-H club did a fine job in hosting this event on an outstanding field.

Rick Stonebraker T.D.


TSAA Clout Shoot
BRAZOS 4H  Archery Club July 19, 2014
Name Division Bow Type Distance Score Hits
Rusty Harris Senior Compound 180M 137 31
Robert Hickerson Senior Compound 180M 121 35
Rick Stonebraker Senior Barebow 165M 150 36
Kevin Albers Senior Recurve 165M 141 36
Scott Williams Senior Barebow 165M 125 35
Mike Hojnacki Senior Recurve 165M 113 32
Skip Hartman Senior Barebow 165M 108 32
Ryland Hartman Cadet Barebow 165M 81 28
Josh Kim Cadet Compound 165M 80 29
Rusty Harris Senior Primitive 165M 77 31
Rusty Harris Adult Primitive 165M 77 31
Katherine Grace Jing Cub Recurve 165M 76 28
Jason  Chollett Adult Primitive 165M 60 27
Shawn Harrigan Senior Barebow 165M 57 20
Josh Kim Cadet Compound 125M 162 36
Kurtis LeCompte Cadet Compound 125M 146 35
Sophia Hickerson Cadet Compound 125M 137 36
Lynda LeCompte Senior Barebow 125M 127 35
Nicholas Criscione Cadet Compound 125M 104 31
Zane Veteto Cadet Barebow 125M 52 28
Kaitlyn Young Bowman Compound 110M 155 36
Sadie Hickerson Cub Compound 110M 149 36
Sam Williams Bowman Recurve 65M 115 32
Samuel Moravec Yeoman Barebow 65M 80 27
Sophia Criscione Bowman Compound 65M 38 20
Jacob Criscione Cub Compound 65M 29 12
Andrew Criscione Yeoman Compound 65M Had Fun!
John Michael Criscione Yeoman Compound 65M Had Fun!

The clout field is located immediately behind Sam Rayburn Middle School in Bryan, TX.  Whether heading North or South on Hwy 6, take the Boonville Rd exit and proceed North on the access road.  The school will be on the right and you can use either the first or second entrance to find parking either behind the school or to the far side.
Google Map of the venue coordinates
How far away is the target?
180 meters for Compound Men
165 meters for Compound Women, Recurve Men and Barebow Men
125 meters for Recurve Women and Barebow Women and Cadet Classes
110 meters for all Cub and Bowman

Juniors shoot the adult distances

Fee is $15, pay at the door. Check-in starts at 8am, practice starts at 9am, and the first round starts at 10am.  The first round will include a beginner’s seminar for those new to clout, taught by tournament director Rick Stonebraker, 4-time National Clout champion and former record holder. Lunch will be around 12:30 for one hour.  The second round will start at approx. 1:30pm. 

Water will be provided on the field.  Gatorade and cokes will be available for purchase.   Encouraged to bring shade (pop-up tents, chairs!) and anything else you need for a full day of shooting (e.g. water, bug spray, snacks, etc). The July heat will be upon us, be prepared.

Just a few minutes from the field, at the intersection of Boonville Rd and Highway 6 (six) are the following:

Subway T Jin Chinese DoubleDave’s
IHOP Kroger Supermarket
Jack-in-the-Box Wendy’s Domino’s Best Western Premier
Several gas stations

Notes about Clout  - What the archer aims at. (Picture an archery target laying flat on the ground, with a stick in the middle so that you can see where the target is from hundreds of meters away)
The CLOUT is a white triangular flag affixed to the upper part of a wooden pole about one to two feet tall, in the center of the clout circle. Each ring is 1.5 meters (4 foot 11 inches) from the center of the circle measured outward. The center circle is 3 meters in diameter (9 feet 10 inches). The five scoring rings are 5 for the center and 4,3,2 and 1 point. After practice, the event will begin with all archers on the shooting line. Each archer has four minutes to loose (shoot) their six arrows.
While walking to the scoring circles, great care is taken to watch where you walk as errant arrows will be in your path way.  Even if they are not your arrows, pull them out of the ground in the same direction they went in and gently stick them vertically in the air so the owner will find them. After everyone has looked over the scoring circles and located all their arrows, scoring will begin. Designated archers will enter the circles, collect all the arrows in their assigned circle and place in a neat pile to be identified.
Scoring: When an archers name is called, they enter the circle, pick up their arrows and call out the value of each arrow as they pick them up, starting from the highest value (hopefully fives). Two people keep score. When the values are agreed upon, the next archers name is called.

The Ancient Practice of CLOUT SHOOTING
by Cliff Huntingdon
The term clout shooting is derived from the act of shooting at a clout. The clout itself is nothing more than any mark, historically white and in its most simple form, a small white rag. This is accomplished at long ranges, customarily between 9 score and 12 score yards. The event dates back to the first Queen Elizabeth and has been practiced in varying form for many years and is an "old English form of competitive archery at a single mark."
Clout shooting probably evolved out of a need to train archers "to shoot to a length." The English were not disposed to willingly practice and maintain a degree of proficiency as is sometimes portrayed in verse and cinema. Without the compulsory week-end practice as was commonly dictated by law, skills necessary to successfully fend off aggression in defense of land and life were quickly lost. The English had to be forced to practice. From these forced sessions clout shooting was developed as the means to mass huge numbers of arrows to a common point. Archers provided a primitive yet highly effective form of artillery and history would record in graphic detail it’s effectiveness. During The Hundred Years War, the outcome of battles at Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt would certainly have been different without the massed firepower of these ancient archers.