UT Archery Fields, Austin, Texas
September 23-25th, 2011

9/9/2011: the event is being relocated due to the heavy damage to the city of Bastrop by fire.  The University of Texas has agreed at short notice to host the event on their archery field, and the club will provide volunteers to work the event as well.


Ron Carmichael, webmaster TSAA, and Tournament Director

Map to the venue on Speedway near 45th street north of the UT campus

The tournament will consist of a 2 day, 144 arrow FITA round (4 distances).
If you need information on the distances, please consult this following link.

Tentative Schedule (all times are subject to change):
Friday Morning - Field marking and target bale setup.  We are in serious need of any parents that would like to help out for this weekend. Please contact Ron if you can help out?

There is going to be a concession stand running on the field during the tournament.
Please email the Tourney Organizer if you can help on Friday morning, setting up the field!

Friday, Sept. 23th, 2010

Open Practice (3:00pm-5pm) (practice cannot begin until the field is set up<hint>)
Saturday, Sept. 24th, 2010
7:00-7:45am Check-In, equipment inspection, and official practice
8:00am - 12:30am Scoring longest FITA distances
12:30 Lunch Followed by the 72 arrow FITA Qualifier
Sunday, Sept. 25th, 2010
7:30am-8:15am Official Practice
8:30-12:30am 3rd FITA distances
Immediately after conclusion of FITA, Awards and Lunch Break
After lunch break, Round Robins begin

Tournament Entry Fee: $45 PER ADULT. $35 PER YOUTH (YEOMAN ARE DISCOUNTED TO $10). Postmark deadline of   Friday, Sept. 14th to avoid late fee. A discount of $10.00 (excluding Yeoman entries) can be deducted if submitted before the deadline.
Families with more than two archers must pay two full registration fees, then any additional family youth fees are $10 each.
Any cancellations prior to deadline will receive full refund. Cancellations after deadline will receive full refund unless archer is the sole participant of a division, in which case a $10 fee will be retained to offset trophy costs.

Tournament Co-directors will be Ron Carmichael and James Corral - emergency contact phone number: (512) 797-4127  

View current registrants (and double check your own entry info once it is vetted and then added by the webmaster - we get a lot of "bots" registering Nattering Nabobs<G> so a human must perform the final certification of each applicant.  Feel free to use the comment field for ANYTHING you wish to communicate to us, esp. if you want to have the chance to practice on the days right after the tournament)



send to:

TSAA State Target Tournament
c/o Tish Posecion
21739 Hardy Oak Blvd #3306
San Antonio, TX 78258

In order to expedite your registration, please fill out the ONLINE registration form, This will aid in preparation for the tournament and it is greatly appreciated.  A copy of the information will be emailed to you as well - PRINT THAT COPY to send with your payment. If you catch an error, just email us. You will be asked to sign a standard NAA waiver upon checkin at the tournament. Remember that your registration is not official until your registration fee is received.


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Concerning the TSAA State Target Championship, scheduled for September 23, 24, and 25th, the week prior to the first stage of the Olympic Archery Trials for London 2012:
The TSAA Target Championship was to be held in Bastrop. This has now changed!

Bastrop, Texas has been the epicenter of a hurricane of fire for days now. Many people, including the Tournament Director Michael Hojnacki, have lost everything as their homes were raised to the ground in ash. A few have even lost their lives, unfortunately. At first the board of the TSAA had hoped to continue on, and hold our outdoor championship in Bastrop as planned, in a way to bring normality and just a little cash flow to the businesses there. But after reflection, and realizing that this battle is going to continue for some time, we have relocated the event (SAME TIMES, SAME DATES) to the University of Texas Archery Field, and the UT Archery Club will provide student volunteers to assist in the logistics, provide reps for any para archers that attend, etc. At this point there are some 50 archers signed up, with another week till the deadline, if things happen as usual with the "Wait till the last minnit to decide" folks, we'll get another 10 to 20 signed up by then.

A map to the event at the University of Texas Archery field on Speedway near 45th street, just north of the UT campus, is at this link:

EVERYTHING ELSE REMAINS THE SAME - DATES, TIMES OF SHOOTING, ETC.... it will just be in Austin at the University of Texas Archery Field instead of in Bastrop. Our thanks to UT Archery Club for stepping up to help out!

We are also hoping to hold an EARLY SPRING OUTDOOR Star FITA event in Bastrop in 2012, perhaps a sort of Olympic Festival event, to get the 2012 archery outdoor season in the US kicked off early. For several years now I have been having successful Snowbird type outdoor Star FITA-listed shoots in January and February, with lovely and warm conditions. 2012 will be no different, I suspect, in this regard.

Our thoughts and prayers go out for the firefighters, their families, and all those thousands of people in Bastrop as well as other parts of Texas where wildfires have sprung up in the drought-stricken wildlands, even as we attempt to maintain some normalcy.

Flights into Austin are very cheap on several major carriers for around 230 bucks ROUND TRIP(!) from Seattle, LA, New York, etc. , and if you can, stay in Texas for the week or two making a family vacation out of it, and then enjoy the first stage of the Olympic Trials just a couple hours east of Austin at Texas A&M University (Location of the Texas Shootout in most recent years).

Austin itself has many things a family can do, including swimming in a natural crystal clear swimming hole, the fantastic artesian spring driven Barton Springs pool, the world famous 6th street, many world class museums including the new Blanton museum, a 3-D Imax (which I dearly love going to ), large lakes (mine is 66 miles long, Lake Travis, for example) where you can rent a large houseboat for not a lot of money and tool around for a few days, many fine eating spots, more live music venues and action than you can believe (Austin is truly the live music capital of the world - just count how many acts are listed on the Chronical's website, for instance, the Austin City Limits festival will be over unfortunately, a quick check at this link to the Austin Chronicle shows the huge selection of live acts that week, etc.
IN OTHER WORDS, we invite y'all to come shoot arrows for the entire week and have a good vacation while you are at it. Padre Island National Seashore and Port Aransas are each about 3 hours away and were never threatened by the oil spill fiasco of last year, so a trip to the beach is also easily accomplished - this can be a real family vacation opportunity<G>.... OK, end of shameless promo of Austin and Central Texas...

Feel free to write if you have any questions. For those already signed up, I recommend you look at hotels on I-35 going north from around 51st street - there are a number of good inexpensive hotel/motel properties that Google will display, and the access is pretty easy to all parts of Austin, especially the archery shop at 183 and Burnet Road (Archery Country), as well as the archery venue itself (Take 38th street or 45th street exit from I-35, head WEST, turn right on SPEEDWAY, and simply go north till Speedway Street dead-ends into the field itself! .

More information is online at the Texas website, registration is online as well, as always, and you can see the list of those already registered as well.

Y'all come!

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