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29th Texas State JOAD Indoor Championship - 2011 &
1st Victoria College Invitational
Registration Information

1st Annual Victoria College / TSAA State JOAD Invitational

Special Notice:  TFAA/TSAA reciprocal agreement:  The TSAA encourages all current TFAA members to shoot at all TSAA events!  For only $15 per year ($25 per family) current TFAA members can register for a full year's worth of coverage as TSAA associate members.  This enables you to compete with trophies awarded, provided you register (separately) for the actual event.  If you and your family want to become a TSAA Associate but do not wish to join USA Archery at this time, FILL OUT, PRINT, AND SUBMIT THIS ACROBAT FORM WITH YOUR TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION FORM AND PAYMENT... 

Also, USCA membership will be recognized by TSAA for no additional fee.  If you are a member of the US Collegiate Archery Association you do NOT have to join the USA Archery Association nor do you have to reciprocate with the TSAA for this event!

This is a combination event - a JOAD tournament by shooting at a specific time, and an open tournament at other times during the event. If a JOAD archer wants, she/he can register for the JOAD line Sat. 1pm, and THEN REGISTER A SECOND TIME ONLINE, and choose TWO OTHER TIMES to shoot, for the "adult" invitational tournament.  During the invitational the archer can still register as a cub, cadet, yeoman, junior, etc., and will shoot TWO different times for that portion.  SO the archer can shoot 60 arrows during the JOAD event Saturday at 1pm, and 120 arrows during the invitational event (at two OTHER times), during the weekend.  For example, shoot 60 arrows Friday evening(first half of the invitational), 60 JOAD arrows at 1pm on Saturday(that's the TSAA JOAD event), and then the final 60 arrows of the invitational Saturday morning, evening or Sunday morning.  Any archers wanting to shoot in BOTH events must register TWICE! (and pay the two separate fees).  It's two, two, two tournaments in one weekend!   

Dads & Moms - your child can NOT shoot the Sat 1pm JOAD line and then combine that score with a single other shooting time. 

Hosted by:Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center

WHEN:February 11-13th
WHAT: Adult Lines: A double FITA I (60 arrows at 18 meters on a 40 centimeter face) at two separate times for adults and youths shooting the adult round (youths still register as cub/yeoman/cadet/junior/etc).
            TSAA State JOAD line : all archers will shoot a single FITA I (60 arrows at 18 meters), except Yeomans (30 arrows at 9 meters on a 60cm target face). All compound archers will shoot a 40cm target face (Bowmans and Cubs score outer 10-ring; Cadets and Junior score inner 10-ring). For Recurve archers: Bowmans and Cubs will shoot a 60cm target face; Cadets and Juniors will shoot a 40cm target face.  
WHERE: The 2011 VC/TSAA JOAD Invitational will be held in the Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center at 60 Storehouse Drive Victoria, Texas (On the Victoria County Airport property).
SHOOTING TIMES: JOAD line - Saturday at 1 p.m. (ONLY JOADS!)
All other divisions: (Choose two of the following) Friday 6 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m., Saturday 6 p.m., Sunday 9 a.m.

COST: $30 for the double FITA I portion ; $20 for the JOAD single FITA , $50 total if you want to compete in BOTH events.
MAKE CHECKS/MONEY ORDERS PAYABLE TO: Texas State Archery Association
AWARDS: Based on entries in each division.
c/o Gina Carmichael
2703 Cornell Cove
Lago Vista, Tx 78645

Tom Barker at (361) 571-1567 or tom@straightarrowarchery.org
ENTRY DEADLINE: POSTMARK FOR PAYMENT OF February 6, 2011. AFTER THAT DEADLINE, Entries will be accepted on a space available basis with a $10 late fee for each of the two events. Space on each line is limited to the first 56 people to sign up for each time so get your entry in early to be guaranteed a time slot. Registration via the TSAA website is the way to reserve your time slots.
HOTEL:  Here is the website for the Victoria Chamber of Commerce and their list of area hotels.
NAA official dress code will be enforced – white, navy or khaki shorts, skirts, or pants, no blue jeans, shirt may be any color. No camo. College teams and JOAD clubs can wear their club uniform.

*Novice Division is for those who are collegiate archers that have been shooting for only 1 year or less.  All other collegiate archers with more than 1 year experience must register in their appropriate junior/senior division.

View current registrants  You will be asked to sign the NAA Waiver upon check-in.


Straight Arrow Archery is sponsoring/hosting this event for the TSAA.  For location map click here .

Where: Straight Arrow Archery Center, Adjacent to the aiport in Victoria, TX (see link to map above)

For families with more than 2 archers, regular fee first two oldest archers and then $10 per additional archer.
Full refunds if notified prior to the day of the tournament. We will hold your check till after the deadline and if you cancel we will simply shred it.

c/o Gina Carmichael,
2703 Cornell Cove,
Lago Vista, TX, 78645-7238

Membership: Participants must be members of the NAA and a JOAD club to be eligible for awards and records. Membership forms can be found on the NAA website. Forms will be available at the event as well. Guests encouraged & welcome.  Collegiate archers may be members of the USCA rather than the NAA/USA Archery for this event.

Fill out the ONLINE registration form below, click the SUBMIT button.

A copy of the information will be emailed to you which you should verify and then print. You must mail it, the registration fee (check or money order) postmarked by the deadline to avoid a $10 late fee. Email registration will help us serve you better, plan the tournament, and notify you of any changes in schedule. (send one copy, keep one copy). You will be asked to sign the NAA Waiver upon check-in.


fill it out, click submit, and when we email you back a confirmation form print it out and include a copy with your payment ASAP.

Remember that JOAD ages for Juniors ( NOW through the age of 20) and Cadets (NOW through the age of 17) have changed.