2009 Texas State JOAD Target Championships

June 13-14, 2009

Hosted by Tiger Sharks JOAD
Bonus:   Adults that want to come and shoot may do so for a nominal $20 fee.  There will be no awards for the adults shooting.  Also, youth archers that are not able to reach their age and bow type distances may shoot as a guest in any division for the same $20 fee.  There will be no awards for the guest divisions. Please make a note if you are doing this in the comment section of the registration form.
Location: Here is a link to a map for the venue, which is in Ganado, TX.
Hotels: Hotels are available in El Campo, TX (17 miles away), Edna, TX (9 miles away) and Victoria, TX (30 miles away)
Entry Fee:   $25 for youths, $20 for Yeomen, and $20 for adults or youth shooting for fun with an additional $10 late fee if postmarked after the June 6th deadline.
Note for families with more than two archers:  The TSAA now discounts entry fees for families with more than 2 archers! - the first two archers pay full fees, and all other family members 18 years and under pay only $10 apiece. 

BEFORE THE DEADLINE:   Your registration check will be HELD by the TSAA till after the tournament so if you register & pay EARLY, you won't be out any money.  And If you need to cancel, we'll simply tear up your check!   Help us provide a better tournament by REGISTERING AND PAYING EARLY!  
Who:   Tournament awards to current TSAA/USA Archery members, compound, recurve and barebow, in both genders and all divisions.  Guests welcome. Awards to top 3 places in all divisions. 
Round:   FITA (36 arrows at each distance)  122cm two longest distances, 80cm two shortest distances

Male Juniors - 90,70,50,30 meters  
Female Juniors, Male Cadets - 70,60,50,30 meters
Female Cadets - 60,50,40,30 meters
Cubs (male and female) - 50,40,30,20 meters
Bowman (male and female) - 30,25,25,20 meters
Yeoman (male and female) - 20,15 meters
For a table of ALL NAA distances,   click here.  For a printable chart use this link.
Saturday, June 13th
9:00 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.  Practice
10:00 a.m. - Score First Long Distance
 Lunch Approximately 12:00 noon Concessions- drinks (water, sports drinks, soda's) and snacks available on the field.
1:00 p.m. Score Second Long Distance

Sunday, June 14th
9:00 a.m. -9:45 a.m. Practice
10:00 a.m. Score First Short Distance
Lunch Approximately 12:00 noon. Concessions- drinks (water, sports drinks, soda's) and snacks available on the field.
1:00 p.m. Score Second Short Distance
Awards immediately after competition
 Inquiries:    EMAIL   Dana Knowlton 361-771-6468 or Virgil Knowlton 361-771-5922

You will be required to sign the standard NAA waiver form upon check-in at the tournament.  Please review it now before you register- click here to view a copy of it.  Again, you do NOT have to print it now.  We will provide the signature form at the check in.

Please choose "fullsize 10 ring target face" or "3-spot 5ring target" at 30 meters. Due to improved quality of some shooters, 9-12 arrows in a single target can be destructive (arrows hitting arrows). FITA now allows individual faces at 30 meters, similar to the three-spot idea from indoors. The multi face will allow each archer at 30 meters to have their own individual target face, but scoring only goes out to the six-ring on individual face targets. In the case of the archer shooting a "5" or lower, no points are awarded when the target is a multiface/three-spot.  Please note that the rings are all the same size on both targets, the three spot just does not have scoring rings from "1" to "5" points.

10 ring:

5 ring multiface,
aka 3-spot:

Click here to see current registrations.

To get information about scoring arrows, go here    More information on outdoor tournaments, HINTS from the judge.  A general description for tournaments (indoors) which is useful as well, go here.  A sample scorecard with tips and hints can be found here as an acrobat file


In order to expedite your registration, please fill out the ONLINE registration form below, SUBMIT it by clicking on the SUBMIT button.  You will then see a summary of your info, double check it! and then print a copy or two.  This will aid in preparation for the tournament and it is greatly appreciated.  A copy of the information will be emailed to you as well. If you catch an error, just email us. Use one copy to MAIL IN with your entry fee check.  You will be asked to sign a standard NAA waiver upon checkin at the tournament. Remember that your registration is not official until your registration fee is received.

 Special Notice:  TFAA/TSAA reciprocal agreement:  The TSAA encourages all current TFAA members to shoot at all TSAA events!  For only $15 per year ($25 per family) current TFAA members can register for a full year's worth of coverage as TSAA associate members.  This enables all to compete with trophies awarded, provided you register (separately) for the actual event.  If you want to become a TSAA Associate, FILL OUT, PRINT, AND SUBMIT THIS ACROBAT FORM...  Note that this does not have anything to do with NFAA/NAA memberships.

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