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Hi, all Texas archers:


Texas routinely provides excellence to the USA Archery movement.   We have a history of national and world competitors that call Texas home.  Many of the members of past junior dream teams are Texans, and many more will be as well.

There are a number of High Performance coaches from Texas, all certified by Kisk Lee and the USA Archery training system.  Unfortunately, many Texas archers have not had the benefit of coaching by HP coaches.

TO FIX THIS:  There will be a series of short shot clinics  (try saying that 5 times real fast) held during the SENIOR tournament for *ANY* archers wishing to learn how to be a BEST archer.

Rome is not built in a day.   But in just a few minutes, one of our HP coaches can watch you shoot and draw conclusions about how to improve your shot cycle and methods so that you can be a better, happier, and more successful archer!

Particularly, but not only for the kids:   Just a quick note and an invitation for your consideration.  Many of you already have High Performance coaches at your JOAD, and are on the path to being BEST archers.   However, if you do not have a HP coach then I wish to offer an opportunity for you to get some experience in the BEST method, by participating in a mini-clinic during the weekend during the senior tournament at UT.

We will work with any archer (and parent/coach) that is interested in reviewing form and shot technique, and make some recommendations on what you and your coach might want to focus on in order to have more success in archery.

The cost would be a $10 donation to the UT Archery club, and the offer is contingent on your current coach granting permission to participate in the clinic. (this permission is required!!!)  It would be best if she/he were there also, but it is not necessary.  Parents are welcome as well.   I will probably limit it to no more than 5 archer per HP coach at any given time.   The archer MUST be done with alll shooting in the tournament in order to participate - it would not make sense to participate in a clinic just before competing!

If you are interested in this, email me back and I will coordinate a time with you.   The clinic will be in one of the side rooms of the gym, right near the range.  The faculty will include (at least)  me, Ron Carmichael, as well as Tom Barker.  Paralympian medalist Lindsey Carmichael will also be there to help.   All other HP coaches in the state are welcome to attend and assist.

Ron Carmichael

27th Texas State Indoor Championships
Registration Form

February 13, 14, & 15, 2009 (Fri.,Sat., & Sunday)
The University of Texas Archery Club is sponsoring/hosting this Senior event for the TSAA.
For location map click here and driving instructions click here.

UT Archery Club WEBSITE
James Corral is the tournament DOS, ph. # 512-420-0013.

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Shooting Times (you must pick 2 below):
Friday 6 pm,
Saturday 9 am, Sat 1:30 pm, & 6:30 pm
Sunday 8 am & 12 pm
Last year's photos are at this link.
The tournament will be a FITA shot at 18 meters (120 arrows will be shot during two rounds of 60, 3 arrows per end), using two time slots of your choice.  Shooting will generally be two lines unless archers number less than 20.
The annual TSAA meeting will be held between the afternoon line and evening line on Saturday the 14th.
The UT Archery Club will have snacks, soft drinks etc available onsite for sale.
NAA Dress code will be in effect

All archers will shoot at 40 cm target faces.
The tournament will use single-spot faces and triangular 3-spot faces but no vertical 3-spot faces.

**The TSAA Board has changed fees for families with more than two shooters. **

Two full fare fees for eldest archers and then everyone else in the family pays just $10 each.

Cost: Adults $25 (Note: There is a College Division, $25), Youth $20. Late fee $15 extra
and will be enforced.

MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO U.T. Archery Club and mail a copy of your COMPLETED form with your check to:
c/o Gina Carmichael

2703 Cornell Cove, Lago Vista, TX 78645

Entry Postmark Deadline:  Friday, February 4th   (Include extra $15 thereafter) NOTE: any payment not received by Feb 4th may result in loss of time slots! Unpaid reservations will be reassigned to waiting list archers on Tuesday, the 10th.  Checks will NOT be cashed until the 10th, even if you mail the check NOW. 

Membership: Participants must be members of the NAA to be eligible for awards and records. NAA membership forms can be found at this link or by contacting the NAA at (719) 578-4576. Forms will be available at the event as well if you wish to register then.
Sign-up for shooting times is on a first come, first serve basis, so get your entries in ASAP!. All archers pick TWO (2) times. If you don't enter by the deadline you may not get a spot! Your check will be HELD until after the deadline for two purposes. Should you need to cancel simply notify us and we will shred the check. More importantly by holding the check till after the deadline the funds remain in your bank till then so there is no reason NOT to register and pay for your spot now!
This online submission enables the Tournament Director to plan on your attendance, order trophies, etc... and helps you get a reserved slot in the event. Space is limited and later registrations MAY not be accepted if all slots fill up. Please check the CURRENTLY REGISTERED page before registering, to verify that the time you want still has openings. If you send a registration for a time that is already up to 40 then you will be notified by email so you can select another time. The CURRENTLY REGISTERED page is not always 100% realtime, so there may be a small chance of this. Reserved slots are not guaranteed until the check has been received and your email confirmation has been sent to you.

If no more than 20 archers sign up for any given time, that line will be shot as a SINGLE LINE.

Instructions: To secure your desired shooting times, pre-register via email by filling in the required fields below and then clicking on the SUBMIT button. You will then be emailed a copy of the entry information, and the tournament director will send you a reply confirming your registration after it has been reviewed. YOU SHOULD PRINT THE SCREEN THAT APPEARS AFTER YOU PRESS THE SUBMIT BUTTON. Make 2 copies if you want one for your files and mail one copy with your registration fee check.
You must mail the registration fee (check or money order) together with the form, postmarked by the deadline to avoid a $15 per event late fee and to complete the registration. If you forget to print it before sending, simply "go 'back' using right-click on the mouse. Email registration will help us plan the tournament. (send one copy, keep one copy)


WARNING: YOU MUST PARK IN THE PARKING GARAGE MARKED ON THE MAP OR ONLY IN A PROPERLY MARKED & NON-RESTRICTED PARKING SLOT. Do not back into a parking diagonal slot, do not park over a slot line.  The UT parking police are completely unforgiving AND QUITE ACTIVE!



Special Notice:  TFAA/TSAA reciprocal agreement:  The TSAA encourages all current TFAA members to shoot at all TSAA events!  For only $15 per year ($25 per family) current TFAA members can register for a full year's worth of coverage as TSAA associate members.  This enables you to compete with trophies awarded, provided you register (separately) for the actual event.  If you and your family want to become a TSAA Associate, FILL OUT, PRINT, AND SUBMIT THIS ACROBAT FORM WITH YOUR TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION FORM AND PAYMENT...