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The weather for the morning shoot of Male Recurves and Female Compounds had a good wind to contend with, and the afternoon line of Female Recurves and Male Compounds had almot no wind till the very last, when a faint breeze began moving the target flags.

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Erick Hall of Doinker (Sponsor of the Texas Shootout this year) gave two full stabilizer system setups to a compound archer and a recurve archer who came closest to hitting Doinker mascot from an unmarked distance (determined later to be about 85 yards, with a 10 foot elevation).  Josh Anderson picked up one stabilizer setup with his compound bow, after a shootoff with Dave Cousins, and Ashley First (nee Kamuf) nailed it down with her recurve bow to take the second stabilizer system setup.   See the photos!



Mirrored Results from the official TAMU Archery site::

Qualification Round
Female Recurve
Male Recurve
Female Compound
Male Compound

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