Official Practice Day :  Windy as a weather front approached.

Day 1 - ground soaked from overnight rains, many target bales started out on their sides from the high winds, but the ground crew had everything back into shape by the time the 11am practice whistle blew.  The event had the typical gusty winds of springtime in College Station, but it was definitely a good time for most of the archers.  Scores were affected by the winds.

Day 2 - the sun came up in a cloudless blue sky.  The archers left trails in the heavy dew across the archery field as they trucked their gear from the parking lot, and there was only the slightest hint of a breeze.   The temperature remained comfortable right up to the medal matches, and then the intensity of the sun made for a strong desire for shade.   Near perfect conditions for the OR rounds made it difficult in some ways, since the archers had spent the previous day getting used to windy shooting techniques. 

George Tekmitchov announced the medal rounds and I have to say that his contributions really "make" the shootout great.  Thanks to Frank Thomas, Bill Coady, Kathy Eissinger, Jack Milchanowski and all the judges, as well as all of the Aggie Archery Club members, and especially to A&M for hosting once again a premier event.

Results (courtesy of Texas A&M Archery)   A&M Archery Website

Group 1 photos

Group 2 photos

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Group 4 photos

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