The JOAD was held in Columbus, 2013, using the TOTS format (3 distances, 3 target sizes).
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CIMG5060 CIMG5061 CIMG5063 CIMG5065
CIMG5066 CIMG5067 CIMG5068 CIMG5069
CIMG5070 CIMG5071 CIMG5072 CIMG5073
CIMG5074 CIMG5075 CIMG5076 CIMG5077
CIMG5078 CIMG5079 CIMG5080 CIMG5081
CIMG5082 CIMG5083 CIMG5084 CIMG5085
CIMG5086 CIMG5087 CIMG5088 CIMG5089
CIMG5090 CIMG5091 CIMG5092 CIMG5093
CIMG5094 CIMG5095 CIMG5096 CIMG5097
CIMG5098 CIMG5099 CIMG5100 CIMG5101
CIMG5102 CIMG5103 CIMG5104 CIMG5105
CIMG5106 CIMG5107 CIMG5108 CIMG5109
CIMG5110 CIMG5111 CIMG5112 CIMG5113
CIMG5114 CIMG5115 CIMG5116 CIMG5117
CIMG5118 CIMG5119 CIMG5120 CIMG5121
CIMG5122 CIMG5123 CIMG5135 CIMG5136
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