CIMG2999 CIMG3023 CIMG3035 CIMG3047
CIMG3064  Rancher Nolan Blaschke has shared his land and resources with the TSAA for more than 12 years, and has our thanks! CIMG3069 CIMG3068 CIMG3070
CIMG3071 CIMG3072 CIMG3073 CIMG3074
CIMG3076 CIMG3077 CIMG3079 CIMG3080
CIMG3081 CIMG3082 CIMG3083 CIMG3089  Vic and Allison sneak up on some deer.
CIMG3092 CIMG3095  Mary Parr, the mayor of Eagle Lake, welcomes the crowd.  Rory naps. CIMG3096  Chief of Judges MJ Rogers lays out the rules in the nicest way possible.  (We did have a jail, that was fortunately not used) CIMG3097  USA Archery's Sheri Rhodes observes the processes in the tournament and helps insure an a-ok event.
CIMG3098  Heading out for targets 5 and 6, scorecards in hand. CIMG3099  Targets 1 through 4 enroute CIMG3100  Field archery has a unique atmosphere for a competitive event. CIMG3101 that a snake?   John Magera kicks an aint bed....
CIMG3106 CIMG3107 CIMG3108  Logan Wilde draws a bead on target 1. CIMG3109  Adam Guggisberg
CIMG3111  Adam Guggisberg CIMG3112 CIMG3113 CIMG3114  Olympian Vic Wunderle
CIMG3115 CIMG3116 CIMG3117 CIMG3118
CIMG3119 CIMG3120 CIMG3121 CIMG3122
CIMG3123 CIMG3124 CIMG3125 CIMG3126
CIMG3127  Ethan Butemayer CIMG3128 CIMG3129 CIMG3131  Olympian Jake Kaminski lead the pack after the unmarked round...
CIMG3133 CIMG3134 CIMG3135 CIMG3136
CIMG3137 CIMG3138  Jake Kaminski CIMG3139 CIMG3140
CIMG3141 CIMG3142 CIMG3144 CIMG3145
CIMG3146 CIMG3147 CIMG3148 CIMG3149  Just rearranging a lump of dirt...Olympian Brady Ellison abuses the course...
CIMG3150 CIMG3151 CIMG3157  Brady Ellison, shooting platform finessed,  on target 6 CIMG3158
CIMG3159 CIMG3160 CIMG3161 CIMG3162
CIMG3175  Brady Ellison CIMG3176 CIMG3177 CIMG3178