This page contains a list of scheduled Texas Archery events and other archery events. Registration forms can be found on each event's link when available. For additions to our calendar please notify webmaster with any links or information on tournaments.

There are two calendar listings. Scroll down the page for the lnear table in chronological order.


Dates may and will vary, as organizations CHANGE the dates.

Always verify events with the parent organization - The GOOGLE CALENDAR is maintained by Coach Lynda LeCompte.

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NOTE: Past dates are retained on separate pages for reference. To hyper out to the USAA calendar, click hereALL DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!

The Historical Timeline for Calendar Listings after 1999
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1-20-22 Texas Cup 2017 hosted by North Dallas JOAD - A Star FITA event Plano TX
1/20-22 Indoor World Cup Stage 3: WA Nimes Indoor World Cup Nimes France
1/27-29 Lancaster Archery Classic Lancaster PA
1/27-28 X10 Archery Indoor Classic and JOAD tournament Houston TX

TSAA State Indoor/JOAD Indoor Championships

College Station TX
2/10-12 Indoor World Cup Final: Las Vegas Indoor World Cup Las Vegas NV
Feb.17-Mar 10 48th US Nat'l Indoors in 13 locations    
3/3-5 US Nat. Indoors at A&M College Station TX
3/24-25 4-H State Indoor Championship - register on 4-H Connect Bay City TX
4/7-9 Arizona Cup/World Team Trials Cmpds Phoenix AZ
4/8 - 5/28

Window for TSAA State Field - Host Bids Requested

4/17-22 Grand Prix Mexicano Monterrey Mexico
4/21-30 World Masters Game Auckland New Zealand
5/16-21 WA World Cup Shanghai Shanghai China
5/17-22 Grand Prix Mexicano Monterrey Mexico
5/18-21 U.S. National Outdoor Collegiate Championships & World Univ. Games Trials Chula Vista CA
5/26-29 Gator Cup/World Team Trials Cmpds Newberry FL
6/2-4 USA Archery National Field Championships/Recurve/Barebow World Games Team Trials Darrington WA
6/9 - 7/1

Window for TSAA JOAD Target (if separate from adult event)

6/9 - 7/29
(PRIOR to 7/7-9 if JOAD)

Wndow for TSAA State Target and/or JOAD Target (not 7/7-9) - Host Bids Requested

6/6-11 WA World Cup Antalya Antalya Turkey
6/20-25 WA World Cup Salt Lake Salt Lake City USA
7/7-9 Team Trials for World Archery Youth Championships Lansing Michigan
7/14-16 Team Trials World Archery Para Championships Salt Lake City Utah
7/23-30 World Games Wroclaw Poland
8/2-6 US National Target/JOAD Target Championships Westfield Indiana
8/8-13 WA World Cup Berlin Berlin Germany
8/24-26 SoCal Showdown Chula Vista CA
9/12-17 WA Paralympic Championship Beijing Beijing China
9/19-24 WA 3D Championship Robion France
9/22-24 Texas Shootout at A&M College Station TX
10/2-8 WA Youth Archery World Championship Rosario Argentina
10/15-22 WA World Championship Mexico City Mexico
11/3-5 Team Trials for World Archery Indoor Championships Newberry FL
11/17-19 WA Indoor World Cup Marrakesh Marrakesh Morocco
12/1-3 WA Indoor World Cup Bangkok Bangkok Thailand


10/1-12 Youth Olympics Buenos Aires Argentina


6/3-9 WA Para Championships 's-Hertogenbosch Netherlands
** All information is subject to change without notice. Please confirm all dates, times and locations in advance. Events can typically be found at the website for the organization, such as USA Archery's, or the World Archery's website:   

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