April, 2015: Our most pressing project right now is creating a challenging and fun FITA Field archery course at the Austin Archery Club. It is located in Emma Long Park in the hill country just north of Austin, Weekend work parties are planned for MAY. If you are in the area and wish to contribute some time, the work is not hard and the area very pleasant. Contact Ron Carmichael via email if you can lend a hand.

In the same location(nearly): The Quarry Project

April, 2015: I have submitted a proposal for a " Property Use Agreement" with the Austin City Parks and Recreation Department on behalf of the TSAA. The goal is to create a standard Olympic Target Archery field, up to 90 meter compeition distances, in Emma Long Park. A PUA does not involve any fees or rent of the land. If approved, the TSAA and the Austin Archery Club will partner in work and expenses to mitigate a gravel quarry back to a relatively flat hill country meadow, seeded with native grasses. This location is a part of the Balcones Canyonland Preserve, meaning the entire area is a game preserve and protected habitat. AAC has agreed to share in the mitigation expenses, such as rental of a backhoe, and the purchase of native grasses seed. We also intend to explore, with Joni Brown's help and guidance, the possibility of getting grants and funding to assist.

This project will provide all of central Texas with a permanent, year-round outdoor target archery venue for practice as well as moderate-sized competitions. The proposal was submitted in April of 2015 and if approved, activites onsight will begin no sooner than September 1, 2015. Updates will be posted here.

Storage Containers for TSAA Equipment

March, 2015: It would benefit the TSAA to have secure depot storage of archery stands, bales, and gear at various places in Texas so that our clubs can use to host events. I have submitted a request to Seaboard Marine, of Miami, Florida, for two 20 foot shipping containers. Thanks to Shawn Harrigan, they have donated two (!) of these metal, weatherproof containers. They will be delivered to the Hojnacki farm in the coming month(May). We also hope to place another container at the Emma Long Park if the Quarry project is approved by the City, sometime after September 1, 2015.

Mapping/Locator Resources

February, 2015: There are now more than 1100 dues-paying members of the TSAA, and dozens of Level III-NTS and IV-NTS coaches, and hundreds of Level I and II Instructors as well. I undertook to create a locator map for the coaches - so anyone needing instructions or certification can view a map of Texas and pick someone nearby. Then I thought it would be neat to list all of the JOAD Clubs, to serve a similar purpose. Both of these maps include contact information when one clicks on the icons. Finally, just to get an idea of distribution of archery folks in the Lone Star State, I made a map using just zip codes (protecting personal information) for archers. The icons may represent 1 or 10 (or more) archers, depending. But it does show how widespread both Texas AND our membership is. All of the maps are at this location.