Google Earth Map Tracks

These are files you can load on your phone, tablet, computer, using Google Earth and then FLY to the venue.

They display the place on the earth where an archery venue is, and allows you to zoom in, to choose a satellite picture map or even a USGS topographical map. When vieiwng, you can click on icons, to view photographs taken at that very spot at ground level.

The first example is a track Ron Carmichael made for the June 6, 2015 FITA Field Invitational event at the Austin Archery Club. The event is a series of 12 targets from 20cm to 80cm in size, at distances from 5 meters to 60 meters, over the terrain of the Texas Hill Country.

Install Google Earth, then click on the file link to download it. if you right-click on the file (in chrome) you can choose to "always open this file type", and it will then automatically load it in Google Earth:

AAC FITA Field Invitational June 6, 2015

TSAA State Field Championship - July 18-19, 2015 - 24 targets: This track has two paths, each of 12 targets. Targets 1-12 were spread over a distance of 5,085 feet, with a change in altitude down (and then back up) of about 269 feet. Targets 13-24 were more compact and had the advantage of 3 different arroyos. It was a distance of 2720 feet, and a change in elevation of only 160 feet down and back up, although the steep nature of some of the arroyos required lifeline ropes be strung to assist the archers' climbing.


Video example...

more to follow....