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Distances & Target Chart  (Printable Acrobat Version) - Lyle McIlhaney of the NAA (webmaster) created a comprehensive table of all distances and target sizes for all classes - rewritten by TexARC in Oct.2002

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About the JOAD Program:
Our most important asset in archery, just as in life, is our youth.  The NAA's JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) program promotes the sport of archery with young people.  It stresses qetting a bow in hand quickly (instead of boring the kid with lectures), yet doing so safely, and focuses on the positive aspects of the sport.  The USA's last Olympic Gold Medal archer started out as a JOAD archer.    While the Olympic effort IS important, it is far more important that archery be a fun and positive experience so that the young archer will continue to enjoy the sport throughout life.  The JOAD coach knows this and strives to promote success and a positive attitude.

In an effort to help new JOAD parents and new archers to better understand the sport, the following information has been accumulated:

Scoring your arrows - tips and how-to by Jim Krueger, Tiger Sharks JOAD

2003 JOAD Handbook

Karl Nelson's Concise JOAD FactSheet (Information Summary)**


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and General Explanations - everything you, the parent of a new or prospective archer, want to know! By Tom Barker, Jim Krueger, Alex & Racae Meyer, Murray Elliott, and Ron Carmichael - this prints out at around 25 pages!  (and takes around 2 to 3 minutes to load at 28.8K speed)

Table of all divisions age/gender/distance/targets

  Summary of 2002 JOAD Rules  NAA Web Link.
Information on specific Texas JOAD clubs
A List of JOADS in Texas Registered with NAA 

SCORES of the winners of the NAA's JOAD National Tournaments - Alex & Racae Meyer put together a great comparison chart.

JOAD Olympian Explanation & Rankings by Jim Krueger - The NAA has achievement levels - this is how they work

Explanation of Criteria for JOAD Team Ranking and JOAD Olympian Trip Information by Jim Krueger - What happens if your archer makes the Junior USAT?

Junior USAT Rules for 2004 team

FITNESS Requirements for Jr. USAT (U.S. Archery Team)

What is a tournament like?  Indoors


Link to the NAA JOAD site- click over your region:

Texas Archery Clubs and Businesses

It is very important that all archery resources: clubs, 4H clubs, and businesses that are involved with archery in Texas be included on our website to maximize participation for anyone interested in getting into archery.  This may be the way that someone actually finds your club or business!

Please send information on YOUR Texas archery resource to us for inclusion on this page.  Listings may include location (street address/zip), times of meetings, scheduled events, pictures of facilities/persons, etc...


City Site/Name (click on link for club blurb) Address When Contact
Austin Archery Country, 512-452-1222 Research Blvd,78758    
Cameron County Cameron County JOAD Club Los Fresnos CISD Stadium Sundays 3PM Reynaldo Ramirez
Victoria Straight Arrow Archery Learning Center
60 Storehouse Dr.
Victoria, TX 77904
EMAIL Jimmy Genzer 361-571-1618
Leanne Hempel (361) 550-9644
Gene or Margie Kacir
Walter Dixon (361) 571-0820
Tammi Dixon (361) 571-0824
Nikki Genzer 361-571-6694
Area Website/name Location When Email contact
Clifton(Waco) Bosque Bowhunters Association Rt 1 Box 227A, Clifton, TX 76634 (254)675-7702 Secretary
College Station Texas A&M Archery Club Student Rec Center Mon-Thurs 3-7pm, Fri-Sun PRN Frank Thomas 
Longview Longview Archery Club Field Location First Monday every month President Dan Clark-903-663-6055
Don Alexander
Williamson County W.C. Archery Club website just west of Georgetown, TX (512) 388-7232 email
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Link to NAA-associated Clubs in Texas (including many summer camp JOADs)