FITA Recognizes World Records for the Masters Division

 By Rick Stonebraker

 As of April 1, 2002, FITA recognizes world records in the masters division. Every archer competing that is born on the December 31, 1952 or earlier will be able to compete for a claim in the 2002 Master World Records. This came about when Rick Stonebraker asked Rick Mack of the National Archery Association to write a proposal to FITA to consider world records for the masters division and possibly a world championship as well.

 Tom Dielen of FITA announced that FITA gave the approval for world records for the masters division. This is a very proactive stand by FITA because there are many quality “mature” archers in the world who should not place their archery equipment in mothballs just because they grow “more mature.” If I may borrow the slogan from the Senior Olympics:

 “We do not stop playing because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop playing!”

 The following is a list of possible world records in all disciplines:

(Compound and Recurve, Ladies and Gentlemen, Indoors and Outdoors.)

FITA Round, 70m qualifying Round, FITA distances of: 90, 70, 60, 50, 30 meters. Olympic Round matches of: 18 arrow match, 12 arrow match, 36 arrow totals, 27 arrow team match, Team FITA Round, and Team 70m Round. The same applies for Indoors. A total of 84 new records in all.

Tom Dielen noted that as this change will generate a lot of workload for all parties involved, the Constitution & Rules Committee, in co-operation with the FITA office has worked out a simplified procedure. In total, 84 new records will be registered and FITA expects many changes; especially in the starting phase.

Procedure for Masters records from 1st April - 30th September:

· Each Member Association is requested to keep track of the highest scores shot by masters of their association in the period from the 1st April till the 30th September 2002.

· On the 30th September the member associations will send to FITA the list of highest scores for each type of record including scorecard, result list and all other information requested by Article 5.5

· FITA will produce by the 10th October the first list of world records

based on the highest score sent in by a Member Association and these records will be the starting point for future world record changes.

· From the 1st October the regular procedure for world records will be in place and Member Associations are requested to send in the records within 10 days of the tournament being held.

2002 World Masters Championship


FITA, in conjunction with the International Masters Games Association, has agreed that the archery portion of the 2002 World Masters Games will be the official world championship for the FITA masters division. This event will be held in Melbourne, Australia 5–13 of October. The World Masters Games is held every four years and is used to promote activity from the age of 30 and above in age groups. The World Masters Games encompasses 26 sports.

FITA recognizes the Masters Division as 50 and older.

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